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a Beautiful tail

Beautiful tail

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Beautiful, long, thick tail of the horse is always aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, riders tend to do everything possible to hair, tail is not confused, because their combing is very time — consuming and time-consuming process.

Красивый хвост

Such characteristics of the tail of a horse as its length and its density depend on many factors. Important of them are: heredity and care. And if heredity NIAC we can not influence, in this material the online guide to caring for a horse fourhoofs.ru we will only talk about caring for the tail.

The most ancient and effective event for the care of the tail is to the braiding. This will confirm any girl with long hair: braids significantly reduce zagryaznenie hair and prevent the formation of impenetrable mats use comb. Now, braid the horse’s tail is better to weave a thick but not tight. For more conservation of clean hair sometimes whether the entire braid to hide it in the bag.

Here should be explained. Let us remember what the horse tail? For protection against pesky biting. Folding and hiding the tail in the bag, you are depriving the animal of the ability to defend himself. In the horse it will cause, at least, to her great dissatisfaction.

At the stables and levad sometimes you can find horses that frequently rubbing booty on walls, columns and other elements. With the tail literally losing his hair. And the hair in the tail is the pride of the horse owner. What is the reason for carding the tail section?

  • Parasites. Special medications.
  • Dry skin. Requires more moisture, there are soothing shampoos.
  • Allergic reaction caused by a hypersensitivity to insects. Requires mowing and other measures to combat insects.

Take care of the hair in the tail of a horse. And timely care for the tail will significantly increase the attractiveness of the horse.

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