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a Horse and a vacuum cleaner

A horse and a vacuum cleaner

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Many animals are afraid of this noisy and “scary” device like a vacuum cleaner. No wonder that it and cats are afraid. But according to the history of this technical miracle, it was originally intended for Konyushenny works. Try cleaning the skin of the horse vacuum you like. It’s so convenient! And for horses vacuum cleaning — it’s just a matter of habit.

Once your horse is accustomed to the loud noise in the manufacturing of its skin cleaner, the cleaning process begins to bring pleasure. And really, driving a brush on the body can serve as an animal a nice relaxing massage. But when cleaning with a vacuum cleaner nevertheless be cautious! Try not to approach sensitive for the horse parts of the body. Each horse such parts can be his. Focused on work familiar to a comb for cleaning the fur of the animal. If in this area you are not working a comb because of increased sensitivity, and brush cleaner is also not necessary. Such body parts include, for example, the head and lower extremities. In this kind of work for cleaning the horse can be used as a manual cleaner, and special — horse.

If you want to achieve maximum effect from the cleaning of wool (for example, before a performance), you must walk through the shoes of an ordinary comb. The work will help to pick up and bring to the surface the accumulated dirt. Then surely treat the surface with a vacuum cleaner. Remember that the cleaner is able to work only in dry dirt, but not wet! So wet the horse is pre-dried.

A good result could end up handling of the horse hair brush for the body, and treatment spray or conditioning for the hair.

For best results, before cleaning equipment walk on the skin of the horse (especially in the most contaminated areas) ordinary rubber comb to raise the surface adhering dirt or dust, and then use a vacuum cleaner. Complete cleaning with a brush for the body, spray it on the spray or conditioner for hair.

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