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About whips

About whips

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The current situation in equestrian sport has developed so that the rider without whip cost is quite difficult. In good hands rider’s whip is used to enhance the effects of the Twister. If the horse works on the lunge, then the desired length of the whip will help to control the movements of the animal. In the experienced hands of a master whip increases obedience from a lazy horse or will help to improve the control of the skittish animal.

Look at the equestrian shop. What we will see in the window whips? Will be evident a great variety in price from 300 rubles to 2 thousand And which one will be best in Your hands?

Modern industry whips are made mainly of plastic with elements of rubber and metal. Products differ in purpose and length of the tool.

Racing whips (stack) have a minimum length of the proposed equestrian shop list: 40-45 see in Addition to the abbreviated length of the stack have a specific “cracker” at the end. Racing at the flick of the whip hear the distinctive sound of the small, forcing the horse to move faster. The whip ends in the air, therefore does not cause the animal pain in the body.

Jumping whips in a form similar to stacks but are made with a greater length — about 70 cm. This type whip is used in order to help the horse overcome obstacles when working schenkel does not bring the desired success.

Sports whips are for use in dressage and have a length of 110-160 cm

Well, the longest specimens on display is sure to be cambareri (long Manege pests). Their size is about 2 m. These pests used to work with the horse on the lunge and in the circus, training animals.

As you can see, the Choice of the crop depends on Your intended future work with the horse. A pleasant shopping!

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