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All horse breeds in Red Dead Redemption 2 and where to find them

If you play Red Dead Redemption 2 you need a horse to move around the map and transport some of your items and weapons in their saddlebags, so we bring you all the races available, their location and how to tame the wild ones.

We’ll start with the horses you can get for free in the wild. Each of these breeds can be found in different areas of the map, so first you have to choose what type of horse you want and then go there to find a specimen. Below we explain how to tame a horse once you have found it, do not worry.

All horse breeds in the wild and where to find them

There are nine main horse breeds and three other very rare breeds. Let’s go first with the main ones:

  • Appaloosa. The horses of this breed fall under the category Work, so they have more endurance, average health and speed and less acceleration. You can find them in Big Valley, northwest of Strawberry (West Elizabeth); Cholla Spring, between Tumbleweed and Armadillo (New Austin); west of Valentine, near Lake Cattail Pond; and Wapiti Indian Reservation, north of Ambarino.
  • Passing through Tennessee. They are Monta horses, which means they are the most frequent and tend to have low attributes. They can be found north and southeast of Armadillo (New Austin), northwest of Blackwater (West Elizabeth) or in the center of The Heartlands (New Hanover).
  • Hungarian half-breed. They are war horses, so they have more endurance and health, but less speed and acceleration. You will find them west of Armadillo (New Austin).
  • Morgan. They are Mountain horses that you can find south and northeast of Blackwater, in Cumberland Forest (northeast of Valentine), south of New Austin and west of Wallace Station (West Elizabeth).
  • Mustango. These horses are War/Work horses, which makes their attributes very balanced. You can find them in different areas of New Austin, north of Armadillo and east of Emerald Ranch (New Hanover).
  • Nokota. The Nokota race is made up of racehorses, so they have more speed and acceleration, but less health and endurance. You’ll find them in Cumberland Forest (northeast of Valentine), northeast of Blackwater (West Elizabeth) and south of New Austin.
  • American thoroughbred. They are racehorses that tend to be both west and southeast of Armadillo (New Austin) and Emerald Ranch (New Hanover).
  • Saddler of Kentucky. This breed also falls under the category of Monta and you can find it in areas such as north of Ambarino, south of Rhodes (Lemoyne), northwest of Valentine and New Austin.
  • American trotter. They are racehorses and you will find them south and southwest of Armadillo (New Austin), north of Cumberland Forest (New Hanover) and east of Wallace Station (West Elizabeth).

On the other hand, as we mentioned before, there are three other types of wild horses that are very rare:

  • White Arabic. It is undoubtedly the best horse you can get for free. You’ll be able to capture him from Chapter 2 of the game, and all you have to do is head for the mountains west of Ambarino to find him.
  • brindle bay Mustango. It can be found southeast of Fort Mercer, east of Rio Bravo (New Austin).

The third of these rare horses, the white American Paint Horse with spots, is the most difficult to find, as it does not have a fixed location. It usually appears randomly in bonfires scattered all over the map. Be careful, you will find enemies camped in them.

How to tame a wild horse

Once you’ve found the horse you want, you’ll have to tame it. These are the steps to follow:

  • Approach the horse with the view centred on it and throw the loop or walk as slowly as possible towards it and calm it down by pressing Square or X depending on the console where it is playing.
  • When you are close to the horse, ride it by holding down Triangle or Y. A rodeo sequence will start.
  • Stay on the horse by moving the left stick in the opposite direction to the one he is pulling.
  • You must get him to calm down, so ride him for a while and caress him by pressing the left stick.
  • If you do well, the horse will be tamed and will become a temporary horse until you equip it with a saddle, at which point it will become your main horse.

All stable horse breeds and where to buy them

In addition to all the breeds in the wild, whose horses you can tame for free, there are a number of other species that you can buy directly from the stables.

We hope this guide has been useful to you.