Best horse games on PC – overview and description Part 2

Successful inheritance

Release date: 2006

Genre: Adventure with equestrian simulator elements

Successful legacy – an adventure game with elements of horseback simulator will please even those girls who have not yet been interested in horses. Intriguing plot, a variety of tasks, curious characters and the opportunity to feel like a full-fledged mistress of the old manor. And in addition, a great pleasure to bring up a virtual hoofed friend. A strange aunt, who left the estate as a legacy, put forward a rather strange condition. In order for the estate to become yours, you need to organize and hold an equestrian tournament! And how to do it? After all, around completely unfamiliar people, not always friendly, in your stable only one horse, and to participate in the tournament you need to master the art of horseback riding perfectly …

The best friend and assistant of the novice rider will be a famous Russian actress and athlete Maria Golubkina! Her voice in the game will be spoken by the character accompanying the main character in all her adventures. The player will have to develop his estate, communicate with the residents of the districts, take care of horses in the stables, improve riding skills, master the tracks, perform tasks and solve a variety of mysteries.

Rose Valley. Nicole’s secret or the Rose Valley inheritance

Release date: 2006

Genre: Adventures, action, animal games

Rose Valley. Nicole’s secret is an adventure game that describes the friendship between a girl and a horse. In the Valley of Rose again strange events, mysterious incidents, new secrets, and therefore – new exciting adventures! A girl named Nicole moves to the Rose Valley from the big city and gets a horse named Secret from her father to learn how to take care of her horse, study the basics of dressage and show jumping, train her favorite, provide her with everything she needs, ride and compete with other riders.

Nicole is also at the heart of the mysterious and sinister events of missing horses. As part of the investigation, Nicole will meet the people of the Rose Valley, take part in a local equestrian tournament, make loyal friends and even meet her first love! Choose your clothes and equipment; compete in the Riding Tournament; explore the secrets of the Rose Valley!

Riding Star 3. Show jumping star

Release date: 2007

Genre: Simulator

Riding Star 3. Show jumping star – a game for those who are delighted with long-faced horses and eager to rush over the racetrack under the cheering roar of the stands! The new riding simulator will allow you to stand in line with the best jockeys in the world. You will have to do a thorough dressage of horses, try your hand at horse racing and stunning show jumping. Open the doors to the spectacular sport, which merged the excitement and skill of the rider. And at the same time you can go on horseback riding and slowly enjoy the measured pace of the horse.

To date, the game is the most advanced simulator of equestrian sports. Contains three competition modes – dressage, show jumping and horse racing. The game is recommended by Ludger Berbaum – Olympic champion in show jumping.

My First Pony

Release date: 2007

Genre: arcade, educational game

My First Pony is an arcade with elements of an educational game, which will help you fulfill your dream of becoming the owner of a pony. In the game you’ll learn how to take care of ponies, teach them how to jump over obstacles, and then take part in a horse riding tournament!

There are 8 different ponies in total, 4 levels of difficulty and several types of competitions: show jumping, dressage and cross-country racing. Also, on the disc there is an encyclopedia about horses and equestrian sports and additional mini-games.

Mission Equitation: Up around the world

Release date: 2008

Genre: arcades, simulator

Mission Equitation: Up around the world is a game about traveling around the world. You’ll be playing for a young horsewoman with a talent for understanding horses. You’ll ride with her in five regions of the world, trying to find a mysterious gold horse. Your journey will lie through green plains, endless steppes and rocky wastelands. Tasks and competitions await you – overcome difficulties and discover the mystery of the legendary golden horse!

Full freedom of movement in all directions! 25 horses from all over the world: from American Mustangs to Arab horses. More than 40 tasks: time races, competitions, tricks … Traveling all over the world – from the green European plains to the hot deserts of Egypt.

The horse of my dreams

Release date: 2008

Genre: Simulator

My dream horse is a horse-riding and horse care simulator. A strong, proud, graceful horse is a friend many people dream of. Our young heroine Maria also had such a dream. And it came true! One summer, having arrived at vacation on a farm, the girl has found out that she is waiting for a surprise – her favorite grandmother and grandfather gave her a purebred horse! Now, under the guidance of an experienced jockey, Maria will start to realize her most cherished wish – to get acquainted with an amazing and beautiful animal and will master the subtleties of equestrian sport. Of course, to take part in serious races and competitions in the future!

The girl is waiting for a lot of interesting things to do: she will take care of her favorite, learn how to saddle a horse correctly, master different types of riding, conquer the first barriers … Over time, she will even be entrusted with the education of a small foal! No doubt it will be the happiest vacation of her life. In this game, like Maria, every girl will have a new loyal companion. He needs to be taken care of, fed and cleaned, and of course he can be ridden – faster than the wind, overcoming obstacles!

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