Best horse games on PC – overview and description

Horsez. Horse riding school

Release Date: 2003

Genre: Simulator, adventure, for girls

Horsez. Horseback riding school is a realistic 3D simulator and an exciting adventure in one game! If horses have been your cherished dream since childhood, if you are brave, talented and ambitious – you have a unique chance to realize your abilities and fulfill your desires. Come to the elite riding school in Scotland! Get ready – you have to leave your family and friends and start a completely different life. And this is not only a hard workout and competition, but also new acquaintances, insidious intrigues and perhaps a romantic adventure …

The young heroine of our history was faced with surprises on the first day of study: then she had to show courage and resourcefulness, helping out of the misfortune of the horse. For lessons and competitions this incident was almost forgotten, but gradually she began to notice that strange things happen at school … The program is intended for children from 9 to 12 years old.

Horsez. Become a champion (Petz Horse Club)

Release date: 2009

Genre: Simulator, equestrian sports

Horsez. Become a champion – a simulator of equestrian sports. Going to riding school every day, taking care of your favorite horse and then racing towards the wind with it… – yes, it’s great! But that’s how everyone can do it! But to become a champion… To withstand everyday training and help your four-legged friend to cope with all the difficulties, to work for hours on some gaiters and then to clean, feed and comb your partner late, and at the right moment to show everything you two can do!

For brave and stubborn Lily, the main character of the game, it is much more interesting than idle walks. That’s why at the Wild Mountain Ranch she decides to take part in competitions and fight for the prestigious Legends Cup. Show morale and perseverance and win the main prizes with her! In the new issue of the game you will get acquainted with a new breed of horses – magnificent Mustangs from the American prairies, you will choose a horse for yourself, learn how to take care of it, ride on the mountain paths and take part in competitions. Learn how to drive a horse perfectly and climb to the highest step of the pedestal!

Nancy Drew The Secret of Shadow Ranch

Release date: 2004.

Genre: quest, adventure

Nancy Drew The Secret of Shadow Ranch is part of the famous Nancy Drew quest series. Even on vacation Nancy can’t do without mysterious adventures. The ranch, where she was going to rest, is excited by a mystical incident. The ghost of the horse began to appear in the area, provoking misfortune, and the locals began to say that the ghost was taking revenge for the gangster’s master, who had been hanged for his crimes.

In addition, there were rumors that the treasure hidden by a bandit somewhere near the ranch could also be related to the appearance of a ghost. Nancy is taken for an investigation to reveal the secret of the ghost. The player will have to get used to the role of a young detective and understand the mysterious events. Interviewing witnesses and carefully examining the location of the incidents will be key to the investigation, and the mobile phone will be invaluable in finding the necessary information. The game play process will be a joy to the countryside – Nancy will have to feed the animals, work in the vegetable garden and ride.

Pferd & Pony: Mein Pferdehof

Release date: 2005

Genre: For girls, strategy with elements of equestrian simulation

My estate is a computer game that has been added to the category of games for girls in the genre of strategy with elements of equestrian sports simulator. Fans of the Rose Valley Cup and Rose Valley Heritage games, as well as all horse lovers will be able to try their hand at the new game. In the game “My Manor” you will have to take care of horses, take part in equestrian tournaments, as well as think through a strategy for the development of their own country estate.

The game will give you a great opportunity to prove yourself as a manager of a large estate – you can conduct advertising campaigns, hire staff, build a new arena for your pets and a hotel for the guests of the competition. The game promotes the development of positive qualities of the personality of the teenager, instilling love for animals and developing a sense of responsibility for their wards. Romance of rural landscapes and excellent graphics will not leave indifferent players of any age.

The estate. Let’s Ride! Championship Dreams

Release date: 2006

Genre: 3D strategy with elements of equestrian simulation

The estate. Sun Valley – 3D strategy with elements of equestrian sports simulator will be interesting to any user from 8 years old to infinity. In it, the player becomes the owner of his own picturesque estate, which can be expanded, rebuilt and developed to his liking. In addition, depending on personal preferences, he is given the opportunity to engage in breeding thoroughbred horses, teaching dressage or preparing for professional equestrian competitions.

There is a lot of work to be done: you will have to take care of the residents of your stables, monitor their prosperity, equip the area, organize construction and attract visitors to the estate, the number of which will depend on income. And, of course, at any time the owner of all this magnificence will be able to ride one of the horses and ride in the picturesque surroundings.

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