Best horse games on the PC Part 2


Ostwind/Windstorm is based on the famous movie “Eastern Wind” and includes not only the original characters of the movie, but also its charming soundtrack, which benefits the atmosphere. Playing for Mika, a 14-year-old troubled girl who has been able to tame a wild stallion and become a true friend to him.

In order to achieve friendship and location of the East-Wind, the player will have to make a lot of effort, regularly take care of him, develop his skills and explore with him the open world of the game, while moving forward on a detailed plot. Graphics is very good, and the landscapes are colorful and diverse. All this makes Ostwind/Windstorm an ideal game for girls who love horses. The only drawbacks of the project are not always successful animation of the horse’s movements and the absence of the Russian-language version.


Wildlife Park 2 – Horses is an add-on to the simulator of Wildlife Park 2, which, as it is easy to guess, is focused on horses and everything related to them.

Although the main theme of the game are still all sorts of races and other competitions between pets, but the “zoo” roots of the game constantly make themselves felt – the care, maintenance and education of horses here are implemented as realistically as possible (up to the reproduction of horses, so probably should not buy this game favorite niece, the first-grader).

In general, this game is more about the harsh fly-legged heavy trucks than about the magical unicorns. True, unrealistic kind of horses in the game is still present, but it’s extinct Giracotery. So, if you want to be in the skin of a professional horse-breeder and not to dig through the manure – Wildlife Park 2 – Horses exactly for you. A fully Russified version of the game is available.


Riding Star – Horse Championship! – A detailed and realistic equestrian simulator, the feature of which is to recreate the most important equestrian stadiums of the world, for example, the Aachen stadium. There are competition, dressage and cross-country racing modes available. The famous four-time Olympic show jumping champion Ludger Berbawm works as the “voice” of the game.

And although the possibilities of customization here are not as great as in other games about horses (you can customize the color of wool and mane of the horse, choose for him a harness and rider costume), but the graphics is very juicy as for the game with funny system requirements, and the movements of the horse are anatomically correct. The main problem of the game can be called quite a complex animal control system, especially in the training mode. The game is available in several languages.


Star Stable Online – colorful and bright game about horses for girls. Players will be able to raise and educate the horse and participate with it in races, tasks and adventures. All this will help you to gain the necessary experience for the development of the horse and earn the money needed to buy clothes for the game avatar, harness and new horses.

Every horse you buy has to be taken care of at least once a day, otherwise it will be saddened and its characteristics will decrease. In total, the game has about 80 breeds of horses – from miniature ponies to powerful Mustangs, and new updates to the game regularly bring it new breeds. Despite the cute cartoon design, there is a serious storyline to save the island of Jurvik from the ancient dormant at the bottom of the Evil Sea, known as Garnock.

Up to level 5 can be played for free, then you will need to buy a paid subscription.


Horse Paradise – My Dream Ranch is a simple and cute little casual about horses with cartoon graphics, which doesn’t pretend to be a real sports simulator’s laurels, but there are unicorns here, riding through the magic forest – and that’s all it says. Along with fantasy breeds of horses in the game are presented and quite real, for example, a Frisian horse or a Mustang.

You can compete against both bots and real players. In all competitions horses participate themselves, without riders. In addition to races, here you can feed your horse, care for it, decorate it, explore new territories, perform various tasks and play in the built-in mini-games. Unfortunately, Russian language support has not been added to the game yet.


Riding Club Championships isn’t just a game about horses, it’s a real equestrian simulator. After all, all the main equestrian disciplines are available here – horse racing, barrel racing, racing between racks, agility (with or without jumps) and show jumping. In this case, you can compete with bots (in single-player mode), and with friends, and with random players from around the world.

In between competitions, the horse needs to be cared for, trained and equipped. In addition to the many routes available in the game, the player can create his own in the editor and share it with others. And even though the graphics on the Unity engine is a little outdated by modern standards, but you can play in Riding Club Championships even on very weak companies, the game is enough just 1 GB of RAM.


Riding Out – developed since 2015 and now available online game about horses on the PC.

In addition to the actual breeding and training of horses, players can build stables and other facilities and explore the huge open world on horseback. Kraft system in Riding Out is quite detailed – so, before building a building, you need to get for it wood and other resources, and to maintain the health of horses will have to grow and collect special plants, and then add them to the feed.

The trepidated horse can be shown to friends and competed with in classic races, dressage and even show jumping. Despite the beautiful and realistic graphics, Riding Out doesn’t have any fantastic requirements to the computer – the game will be enough from 4 gigs of the operative and DirectX11-compatible vidyuhi. The main drawback of the game is that there is no Russian version yet, but it will be added after the release.

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