Best horse games on the PC

In this collection we have collected the best horse games on the PC for fans of equestrian sports and just those who admire these strong and graceful animals. For convenience, we have divided the collection into two parts – single and online projects.

Surely everyone who at least once in his life had a chance to ride a horse, I wanted to repeat it again, or even do horseback riding or breeding horses. Unfortunately, the reality is harsh, not everyone can become what they dreamed of. And here come to the aid of games in which you can be whoever you want – a skillful jockey, the owner of stalls with pedigree horses, winning all the races, or just a caring owner of the horse.


Even those who have never been interested in simulators at all have heard of The Sims. Electronic Arts remained true to tradition and in 2011 released the supplement “Pets” for the third part as well. Since then, Sims can become caring owners of cats, dogs and horses. You can even build your own ranch and have up to seven horses.

Like human characters, animals have their own character traits that you can ask for yourself. Horses can be fully managed, just like humans. The main thing is not to forget to satisfy their needs in time and to maintain a good mood. By the way, each type of pet has its own special need. If cats need to sharpen their claws all the time and dogs can’t help chewing, which often leads to destruction in the house, then horses need quite harmless exercise. Indeed, what is the point of getting a horse if you don’t ride it?

The Sims 3 Pets is not a simulator of equestrian sport, but it is also possible to take part in races. The game gives the huge possibilities of social interactions between people and animals, here you can pamper and cherish the horses, and they in return become your true friends.

The fourth part of The Sims also has an addition with pets, but the developers decided not to add horses there. But in the editor of breeds of dogs it is possible to find the real changeable, and among cats to find a raccoon.


At the Secret of the Magic Crystals you will be able to fully satisfy your need to take care of our smaller brothers. Horses here require constant care, activity and rest, they can become ill and you will have to make every effort to cure the animal. In addition, you need to develop the buildings on the horse farm.

But the Secret of the Magic Crystals chip is not even in this. Yes, as in most of these games, animals will have to train and participate in races. But the horses here are unusual. They came from the fantasy world to please the eye with their unearthly beauty, to surprise the speed and grace. So, you can become the owner of the winged pegasus, fairytale unicorn, icy, flaming horse and even a demonic horse.

The game will not require any special power from your computer, you can download it from Steam.


Starters Orders 6 is the last part of a series of equestrian simulators that has become a favourite with fans of the genre.

If you’ve always dreamed of making the racetrack your second home, that dream could come true, albeit in virtual reality. Here you will have your own stables, and if you try, the best purebred thoroughbred horses that will win in the steepest races.

You will have to delve into all the subtleties of equestrian sport. Having understood the system of bets, you can win a lot of money, which will be spent on the development of stables, the purchase of new horses, training and care for them. If you are still a beginner in this business, then the tooltips will help not to get confused.


Here, the player will not only take care of the horses and participate in the races, but also raise from the ruins of an entire horse farm. To do this, you will have to look for buyers for their carefully raised pets, regularly feed and clean the horses (and even give them a massage) and breed new breeds by crossing the available ones.

All aspects of horse maintenance are worked out in detail and very realistic (without proper care horses are sick, and galloping is impossible, because the animals are tired), so that this game is not only entertaining, but also gives new knowledge. Graphics here is decent enough for the game, which is enough for one gig operatives, and the management is relatively simple as for such a detailed game. Unfortunately, the Russian version is not yet available.

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