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Bridle Cook

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“Beztelesna bridle” (eng. bitless bridle) — the invention of English veterinarian Dr. Robert cook (Robert Cook). Robert cook was based on his research about the dangers of iron that riders keep the mouth of the horse. Harm cook calls the blows of iron on the mouth — lips, teeth, gums, cheeks in the administration of inappropriate digestive reflex, difficulty in breathing and everything else that is called by the location of iron in the oral cavity of the animal.

To avoid this harm, the Englishman tried to find other means of control, not satisfied with known alternatives type hackamore and satpula. In cook’s opinion, they are all either not good enough in the management of the horse, or hurt.

Bridle Dr cook, in his view, is devoid of all these drawbacks, because it applies pressure to the nose, ganache and neck of the horse. Its application not only eliminates the problems both physiological and psychological in nature, but due to the design of the bridle, corrects many of the mistakes of the rider, giving you soft control for confident handling.

Such an optimistic assessment of the author’s many is the desire to get acquainted with the bridle cook and the principle of its action.

How does it work?

To rotate the animal, for example, to the left, the rider was quite a bit to gain the left rein. Due to this, the right strap passing through the ganache, stretches and pushes his head to the left. Unlike the bridle headband, no pulling effect, which is unpleasant to the horse itself. Much more likely the horse yields to the pressure and perceive it not as a restriction of freedom, but as a call to action. The same principle is used in training horses of many coaches who value and raising in the animal that is his partner and friend. Bridle the cook is always close to the head, even if you rotate, placing a hand on the side, as mistakenly done by some novice riders.

For braking with the cook’s bridle, the rider must gain both occasion. While loop pulls the horse’s head and affect nerve endings behind the ears, nosed presses on a nose, the horse lowers his head, causing a natural braking. Of course, under good riding, the rider controls the horse is not the only reason. On the contrary, a good rider is about the only addition to the effects of body and leg. But cook’s bridle there are also disadvantages. For example, when jerking arms tightened loop will lead to fear of the horse to go forward and lose momentum. Hinges function as a movable block, which gives, as is known from mechanics, strength doubled. Actually, the gain may be even more (up to three times) as the force of compression is determined by the reduction of diameter of the loops: if simplified to take the form of loops in a circle, changing the diameter of this circle is three times smaller change in the length of the reins. Triple “lose” means to move the same “gain” in power.

Many riders noted the excessive severity of the bridle cook; when using it I notice a loss of “liveliness” to the horse. It is noted discomfort for the horse, the desire to get rid of the frenulum, “shake” it off his head.

On the other hand, the severity can be considered a positive quality: if anyone will feel confident on the horse, and will be able, without a fight and without hysteria to demand from horse handling, it is better than to nag the horse with a snaffle. In this case, the bridle cook a good indication that strict and without metal in my mouth.

Additionally, there is the experience, claiming that the horse can not feel from the cook bridle no additional discomfort. As when using any other type of ammunition it is important to competent, judicious management and a clear understanding of the desired control.

It is likely that the bridle cook good for rental and beginner riders.

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