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Classification of breeds of horses

Classification of breeds of horses

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All displayed a man of the breed of horses by the nature of their use are divided into two large groups: riding and draft breed.

The nature of the use of horse breeds are divided into:

  • Riding
  • Sled

Horse breeds are divided into specialized, that is designed purely for riding and equestrian sports, and verhove-sled. Examples of specialized breeds of horses: Akhal-Teke, Arabian, thoroughbred horse, Terek. Verhova are the draught breeds (implying combined use) is represented in Russia Budennovsky, don, Kustanai and other breeds.

Draught breeds have their purpose versatile use in a harness. This group of rocks includes: legkoobratimycharacterized by the ability to run high-spirited trot in harness (Oryol and Russian trotters, etc.), and draughtused in heavy work harness at slow gaits (Soviet, Russian, Vladimir heavy, etc.).

In some areas of the country, where the development of beef and dairy breeding, common local non-breed horses (for example, Kazakh, Bashkir, Yakut, Buryat, Altai, and others).

For more detailed information on the breeds of horses we suggest you go to the following sections:

riding breed;

are the draught breeds;

— local breeds.


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