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Clean to Shine

Clean to Shine

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In this article we will talk about the hygiene of the horse: how to make your pet just shone.

The photos on the Internet (eg. in the service of Instagram) you’ve probably seen pictures of clean, well-groomed to a Shine horses. But have you ever wondered how to achieve such a result?

It’s simple! Come to the aid of a great assistant groom — rubber comb. This accessory is designed for the removal of the horse hair deeply entrenched dirt. In addition, the working movements of a comb on the horse’s body promote better circulation of blood under the skin help to distribute the natural fats for the animal. Well, as the rubber comb, and it is a body massage that in the absence of skin damage is always nice.

Rubber srebnica modern industry produces two types: flexible and rigid. If you do not know what would prefer your horse, it makes sense to try both. Over time, stop the one that is more like it.

Cleaning horses

Cleaning horse comb should start with small circular movements on her body. Then take a brush with medium stiffness bristles and walk it short strokes against the grain of the animal. This way you remove dirt and loose hairs that previously took a comb from the depths of the coat. To finish the Shoe better soft brush, which will make a coat just Shine.

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In the market you can find sprays for the grooming of the horse. Why do they need?

Applied to the horse spray allows the hair to become smooth and slippery. Yes, this spray is a real tool — brush and comb — will not replace, but can add Shine appearance of the horse! Regular use of sprays significantly reduces the subsequent cleaning of the animal. Through the use of the spray in the coat of the horse accumulates less dust and dirt.

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Healthy shiny coat of the animal depends not only on quality care for her, but from the power supply. If you are confused by the coat of your horse, talk with your veterinarian. He can suggest a more optimal diet for the animal. Probably he will recommend specific feeding — feed additives for the health of the skin and coat of the horse. Such feeding combine the necessary components: fats, vitamins, and Biotin that promotes growth and Shine of hair.

You can add in the feed ration of your horse for some amount of vegetable oil, for example, one stolowy spoon, gradually increasing the dosage to one Cup a day. It will positively affect the hair Shine and color will make the horse more noticeable. Also in the spring the horses are very useful to give a decoction of Flaxseed.

And remember: cleanliness — the guarantee of health! Clean your pet often, and he will love you and respect even more!

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