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cleaning of the horse: the need and accessories

Cleaning horses: necessities and accessories

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Cleaning horses cost to be responsible. “Clean — the guarantee of health” — says the famous proverb. For horses this is also true. From the cleanliness of the coat of your animal depends on the openness of the pores of the skin and the ability to quickly take excessive heat. Surrounding the grooming and cleanliness of horse will be judged on you and your manners.

Keep in mind that grooms spent cleaning horses vimanarama depends on the nature of its work and the intensity of used physical exertion. For example, the horse, resting a day in the paddock or on pasture requires unlike working in harness horse a thorough grooming.

Cleaning horses

In the very first lines of this material say that to dirt horses need to get a little philosophical: the dirt on the body — it was, is and always will be. Usually mud is a dust, fat accumulation, at least — the street dirt or residues of manure. Psychologists even think that the dirt on the hair of the horse is nature’s way of protecting the body of the animal from cold and excessive moisture. However, with the same philosophy it should be noted that with dirt to fight.

Quick cleaning

In cases where the horse performs at competitions, is not used in the rental, and usually grazing in a meadow or pasture in the paddock, grooms stop for a quick cleaning of the horse. It is the extent of contamination of the horse, but usually at least once a day. Quick cleaning consists of removing brush strong dirt and clearing of hooves. In parallel, cleaning hooves and held them with the necessary daily inspection.

Thorough cleaning

Contained in the stable the horse requires much more attention from the landlord.

If you are using the horse for work, the recommended cleaning regime is as follows. First, before operation, easy cleaning brush, and after work, when the horse is well warmed up and pores are opened, a thorough cleaning, 30-40 minutes. Horses love when they clean. A good cleaning, as the process itself, gives them unprecedented pleasure!


Srebnica plastic strap

Here are the main tools that you will need to clean the horses:

  • hard brush — used to remove dried mud and sweat;
  • brush with short and thin bristles — this pay dirt the entire body;
  • metal comb — is used exclusively to remove dirt with a cleaning brush;
  • plastic comb and rough rukavica — suited for the removal of dirt from the horse;
  • rubber comb — good for massage;
  • hoof hook blunt hook, you can remove the soil, manure, stones from the hooves of the horses;
  • brush for wet cleaning is used for wetting mane and tail;
  • sponges are used for washing delicate areas of the eyes, ears and base of tail — repitsy;
  • the cloth, after wetting it to restore the final Shine on the coat of the horse;
  • scraper from moisture is a rubber blade on a metal base of the handle and serves to push excess water from the coat of the horse;
  • separate bucket for washing the hooves and wetting sponges and brushes;
  • a brush for applying hoof oil, which is used to prevent cracking due to excessive drying out of the hooves.

With a good, full inventory to clean and care for a horse will be a pleasure!

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