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cleaning repici and horse tail

Cleaning repici and tail of the horse

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Repica — tail appendage of the horses, covered with hair also needs care. In this article you will learn about how to contain repica clean.

As has been repeatedly mentioned on our website, the first thing when cleaning the horse is your own safety! This rule also applies to cleaning the back of horse — repitsy.

How to safely clean repica? Designated to clean the “rear” seats with a sponge to gently wipe the area around the anus and repica. Keep in mind that the horse is a very sensitive place, you might even say ticklish. Therefore the caution here by no means hurt. And if your horse is ticklish, then you should be extremely careful when cleaning repici. Therefore, when procedure stand definitely on the side of the horse, not behind it.

For easy cleaning it is recommended that one hand to lift the tail of the horse, and the second to work the sponge. It is also very important to have a separate, special sponge and not to confuse it with other used naprimer, when cleaning the horse’s head.

Exceptional case can be a wash of the tail. In some cases, without washing with water can not do.

In order to clean up the tail, start with wiping with a damp sponge repitsy. Once the tail is clean, dip the whole tail in a bucket of warm water. Do not forget about security measures! To clean repici your horse needs to be in a state of tranquility. Even better, if someone close to her will keep her front and gently stroked on the face and neck. If the attention of the horse always somewhere to jump, it is best to keep the horse over your front foot, pressing her to the ground.

After rinsing the tail in the water, apply shampoo to hair and repica. Rinse the tail in several buckets of clean water. To remove fluid residue from the hair tail will have to shake things up. To do this, stand on the side of the horse, back to her head. Grasp the tail just below repici and vigorously shake the hair.

The final stage of the comb, tail brush, designated you have to wet cleaning.

Horses, like most Pets, love people, and attention on our part. Because quality cleaning horses, including repitsy respect to caring for a horse person, adjusts on a friendly harmony. Do this cleaning often, the horse will not remain indifferent to you.

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