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conflicts in the range and division of the horses in group

Conflicts in the range and divide the horses into groups

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The horse owners there is an iron rule for Pets. For minimizing conflicts among horses, wypakowac in the paddock, the entire “staff” is divided into groups.

Конфликты на выгуле и деление лошадей на группы

Conflicts in the paddock in horses can occur in a variety of soils. For example, because of challenging the other Mare. Or gastronomic interests. You never know what?

Anyway, the owners often have to share the composition. Groups can be formed according to various criteria. For example, the size of the animals:

  • small;
  • medium;
  • big.

Or gender type (gender) of horses:

  • Mare;
  • stallions;
  • geldings.

Groups can be formed according to age:

  • weaning;
  • one year old;
  • workers;
  • elderly pensioners.

Apart from that sometimes even animals are divided by nature: that is very cocky individuals are kept apart from the rest.

Sometimes group together. For example, weaners and Godovikov grazing can safely contain in a single group.

The Mare, usually peaceful, because almost any age can get along with each other. Because when a small number of horses on the farm, they can safely leave each other.

Most of the rules horses will be more obvious when you yourself say that these horses with stables and paddock will serve you long enough. If you really want to free range the pasture remained green and contained you horses would be groomed and strong, then so be it. Believe in yourself!

And we hope that the simple guidelines in caring for a horse will help you with this.

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