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Difficulties in the fight against parasites

Difficulties in the fight against parasites

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As a rule, all self-respecting horse owners spend fighting parasites of the intestine of their Pets. But to fight and win it, is not the same thing.

The horse owner is seriously surprised when he finds out that, despite courses of treatment from parasites, his horse still impressed them. Reasons for this may be several.

Like all microorganisms, worms can get used to used against them degelmintizatsiya tool, especially when the dose is not too high. In this case, ask for help in selecting a new media to your vet.

Infected horses easily re-infect recently treated. So try together with their neighbours to treat their animals at the same time.

To objectively assess the weight of your horse. If you underestimate, you just get the insufficient number of parasites, leading to their imminent re-distribution.

Use the tools typical de-worming for specific parasites. It is not necessary to treat your horse the same remedy against all worms. Panacea does not happen.

It should be borne in mind that drugs can’t destroy at once all the parasites and their larvae. Maybe after some time you will have to repeat the course, starting with an analysis of feces and blood of horses.

So in the end will give a small warning: during treatment of parasites, make sure that your horse immediately and completely ate it issued a cure. Unfortunately, there have been cases of poisoning of dogs and cats living in the stables, open de-worming drugs. Also keep in mind that these drugs usually lose their properties, while in the feed for horses.

I hope that with this article we were able to reduce the hassle for the protection of the health of your pet.

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