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Draught breed Brabancon

Draught breed: Brabancon

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The dogs were bred in the late XIX century on the basis of two draught breeds: the Ardennes and flandersui. It is known that in the XX century the dogs were imported into the United States, Canada, and Russia.

Draught breed: Brabancon

The dogs were bred in the late XIX century on the basis of two draught breeds: the Ardennes and flandersui. It is known that in the XX century the dogs were imported into the United States, Canada, and Russia.


Beginner breeders should immediately say that in equestrian literature found two Russian-language spellings of this breed Brabancon and Brabant. But they meant one and the same breed — the Belgian working draft horse (belgian brabant draft horse, belgian heavy draught). My dog’s name glorifies prigorodnoy Belgian province of Brabant, where was bred the horse.

The history of dogs goes into the middle ages. One of the ancestors of Brabancon — horse’s a Flanders — were then used in knight’s cavalry, under clad in heavy armor warriors. This breed is characterized by low withers (140 cm), but strong bones. It is with such qualities of horses needed for heavy rider: low growth, to be able to lift and throw over the horse’s back clad in heavy armor leg and good bone below the spine and legs of the horse did not break under the monstrous burden of a rider in armor.

Exterior features horse


The most common suit the Brabancon is made, but sometimes they are also red and Bay suit. A little less in the rock you can see the gray, Dun, or Palomino color. The light stripes on the legs grow long “stockings” of dark hair. The head of Brabancon not very big, expressive, stretched out a little stronger than in other breeds. The breed is also characterized by a wide forehead straight or slightly flattened profile; muscular hanagami, straight ears. Eyes too small, soft and expressive, the lips are thick and fleshy, nostrils wide. Strong neck, short and strong, broad at base, curved and well set. The back is powerful, muscular, long. The withers are low and wide, pinophytina line short, which is characteristic of the draught breeds, the back often caved in, the loin is broad, short. Croup is very developed, rounded, and double. His chest expanded and massive, the abdomen is broad and deep, with broad, rounded ribs. The dogs, like most other draught breeds have short legs with wide, strong articulation. It is thanks to your feet the dogs are characterized by great endurance: forearm muscular and powerful, pasterns wide in diameter and strong; hocks broad and thick, with a good bend angle, the tendons tight and lean. Grandmother the legs are short and covered as putevye joints, lush bangs. Hooves large, round, slightly flat, with a horn light shade. Unfortunately, some owners of dogs find the hoof rather fragile for such body mass.

Brabancon XX and XXI centuries is strong, tall and strong horse. Height at withers: average individual is around 160-170 centimeters, however, as an exception, sometimes there are dogs with the growth of 180 centimeters and above. Weighs Brabancon is also decent, as a rule, from 800 to 1000 pounds.


Brabancon in Europe, the extremely popular farmer’s horse. In agriculture they still are used as working cart-horse. Indeed, these animals require less feed and care. In the mild European climate, the dogs are not prone to cold. Good owners of these horses are characterized by a calm disposition.

In world history, breeding Belgian dogs were used to breed the Soviet heavy and a number of West European heavy draft breeds of horses: Dutch, Rhenish, norisko, chairski, Suffolk and Clydesdale.

In conclusion, I would like to note that, in the opinion of many breeders, Belgian draft horse is one of the best and important (from a historical point of view) heavy draft breeds, and is considered to be one of the oldest breeds in the world.

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