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Draught breed: Lithuanian heavy

Draught breed: Lithuanian heavy

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Lithuanian heavy draft breed got its name from the area where it was bred in Lithuania. It is believed that the best livestock of the Lithuanian heavy draft horse is Jagerskog and Sudskom stud who serve Gasconade and, in part, functions of breeding nurseries.

Lithuanian heavy

Lithuanian heavies brought out by crossing zhmudskaya horses with Swedish orders. On the territory of modern Lithuania local peasants since ancient times bred tough horse, well adapted to local climatic conditions. The main purpose of horses is to help agriculture and the use of transportation wagons, carts, carriages.

Since the second half of the XIX century, due to intensification of agriculture and in connection with the growth of turnover, zhmudskaya horses have been improved by crossing them with the larger draft breeds (presumably with the Belgian Ardennes). As a result, the crossbred horses were combined the ruggedness and durability of local horses with the size and massiveness of heavy-duty.

By 1963, the ninth year of the Neman, Vilnius, Sadovska and Zagorska state factory stables and Turowski and Cetinjesky breeding nurseries completed the typing of livestock new breeds. Thus the Lithuanian draught breed was finally recognized and validated.

Exterior features Lithuanian heavy draft horse

The Lithuanian heavy draft horse breed is characterized by a calm temperament and strong Constitution. The disadvantages of the exterior include: soft back, saber of limbs, clubfoot, rough head.

The suit Lithuanian heavies

The Lithuanian heavy draft horse is most often found red and less brown suit.

The current use of Lithuanian heavies

If you need a healthy horse is able to work long and leave a good posterity, the Lithuanian horse — for you!

Lithuanian draught horses of today are mostly used in agriculture, as well as improvers in the number of horses in Lithuania and neighboring (mainly Baltic) countries. From AZ of overweight horses of this breed are exported to European countries for slaughter for meat.

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