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Draught breed: Russian heavy

Draught breed: Russian heavy

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All breeds of horses by nature of their use are divided into horse (for riding) and horse (for riding under the harness). Sled share on draught and legkoobratimy breed. Here’s a Russian heavy, however, as Soviet, belongs to draught breeds of horses.

Russian heavy draft

Russian heavy draft horse (heavy draft russian) was developed in the Urals. The creation of the breed was difficult was the crossing of local horses that used to inhabit on the territory of the Ural mountains, with medium-sized draught horses from France and Belgium (the Ardennes with a horse). In the course of breeding was created arrays of superior horses. Breeding work is aimed to strengthen the offspring of the properties of dry, medium-sized, low power and maintenance workhorse with enough speed on the slower gaits, then there is good walking and, at the same time, able to trot.

In some places of our homeland, the Russian heavy draft breed called the old name — the Russian Ardennes, apparently by a major Belgian-French roots of their ancestors. Today it might sound surprising, but when breeding Russian Ardennes for the purpose of mainly agricultural horse breeding for a long time did not seek the enlargement of the horse. On the contrary, appreciated the dryness of their Constitution, good mobility and strength in the work. The small number of valuable and lead sires in the breed played into the hands of konezavodchik, because it led to the spread of inbreeding, and often pretty close.

Characteristic of exterior of the Russian heavies

Russian heavy draft

Russian heavy draft horses are medium-sized, shoulder-height be about 146-148 cm, metacarpus less than their predecessors-the Ardennes: approximately 20-21 see the Torso of the horse deep, elongated. The legs are short, but strong and dry. The head of the Russian heavies is small, but broad; the neck is muscular and short. The back is long, sometimes bland. The loin and rump — broad, croup occurs slightly forked.

The suit of the Russian heavies is usually red or red-roan. Rarer Bay, gneto-roan, black, gray suit.

Russian heavy draft horse harakterizuetsya great health, longevity, high fertility, and, more importantly, undemanding to the conditions of detention. Russian heavy klimatiserede well both in cold and in hot climates.

Russian heavy draft

Today representatives of the Russian heavy draft breed used in the national economy, and on the stud farms are already as a Brightener only other breeds. But because of the high milk yield of mares Russian heavy draft breed, it is used also in dairy farming. The milk of mares of the Russian heavy draft horse a record and can reach 3 000 kg in one lactation season! However, lots of milk are renowned all heavy draft breeds.

Today the Russian heavy draft breed is divided into two branches: the Urals and Ukrainian.

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