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Draught breed: the English cart-horse or Shire

Draught breed: the English cart-horse or Shire

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The name of the breed is the Shire, most likely, comes from the English word shire — “Shire” meaning County. The fact that the first mention of the breeding of this breed belong to the English counties Lesserson, Derbyshire and Staffordshire. Shires also known as the English or the heavy English dray horse (The English drafthorse).

Shayr. Photo from horseprogress.ru

Shires are close relatives Clydesdale and known to the breeders of England for a long time. Even a little too long, because it is difficult to tell for sure anything about the history of this breed. We only know that in medieval Chronicles these horses was called “great”. For strength, stamina, health of Shire horse used on farms, in transport of heavy loads. However, despite its impressive size, the breed is characterized by a very loyal attitude towards the person. Shires docile and easy to manage. At home they are sometimes called “gentle giants”.

The Shire horses are among the highest of all common species to date. Their height is 165-185 cm at the withers (!), and some exceptional individuals (for example, a Shire named Mammoth, that lived in the XIX century) height at the withers reached 219 cm! What a giant! Climbing on it was only possible with the ladder.

Exterior features

Shires — perhaps the highest, the heaviest and strongest horses available in the world today. The most-most.

According to the portal about horses horseportal.ru:

The representatives of this breed have a massive head with a broad forehead, slightly convex profile and medium size ears with pointed tips, short, well planted and moderately curved neck, muscular shoulders. The back is short and strong with a wide and strong croup. The distinctive features of the breed include lush silky friezes on powerful legs that grow around the leg from the carpal and hock joints. Color mainly black, brown, rarely gray.

Horse breed Shire named Mammoth

These huge horses are giants with age weight of about 1000-1200 kg. Daily ration of hay is in this case, 25 kg (about three times more than eating other other horse). Because the harvesting of hay for the winter for shayr go where the big pasture area.

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