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Dwarf horse breed: falabella

Dwarf horse breed: falabella

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Falabella is a low breed of horses. She was named the rock in honor of a farmer from Argentina, who in the late XIX century started to breed these fun horses. This breed is often confused with a pony. They are distinguished primarily small growth. The average height at the shoulder is 86 cm, and Weight is from 20 to 65 kg. This is the size and weight of the dog!

Карликовая верховая порода: фалабелла Photo: Captain E H Eckholdt — Susan Eckholdt — www.falabellahorses.com

Body type and suit

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Unlike pony horse breed falabella composed in proportion like a normal horse. Falabella have very thin legs and small hooves. Falabella externally visually similar to Goncharov and Arabian horses. Still, in view of the low growth to ride almost does not work — the legs will be dragging on the ground. And the strength and endurance not the same as the adult counterparts. Only the strongest specimens can survive child. Falabella can only pull a small wagon with children or one adult rider.

The history of the origin of the breed

There are several versions of the origin of the breed Falabella. The most plausible says that once upon a time in the territory of modern Argentina, a herd of horses (presumably Andalusian blood) during the migration accidentally fell into the deep canyon. But it so happened that a landslide blocked the exit from the canyon, trapping it all horses. Mineral substances necessary for growth of animals in the proper quantities in the canyon were missing, and the horses had to be fed purely cactus. With each generation of horses was becoming lower, until the new size is not rooted in their genetics.

These undersized horses have found a farmer Falabella. All the animals were caught and lifted out of the canyon with the help of winches. In spite of abundant feed, the descendants of the surviving horses kept their short stature.

The nature of horses

Falabella is well trained, both males and females good-natured and friendly towards humans. Horse falabella — excellent jumping horse, overcoming various obstacles. Falabella love to ride on rough terrain.

Breeding horses

The exterior of the foal falabella depends on the physique of the parents, so to acheive a miniature horse it is better to use graceful mares. Initially the period of pregnancy of the mares of this breed was a year and one month, but gradually it began to decline. Growth at birth is approximately 40 cm Foals falabella for the first year of life reaches 90% of the increase, and grow to your full height to three years of life.

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