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About suffocation

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Choking is a dramatic narrowing of the esophagus caused by esophageal obstruction by food or foreign body. This malfunction of the esophagus is not very common, but unfortunately, it has a chronic relapsing form.

When the choking horse requires professional help not only to remove the tube in the esophagus, but also to assess the extent of damage the esophageal foreign body. Examining a horse specialist also need to make sure that foreign bodies do not enter the lungs.

Cause blockage of the esophagus and as a result, dyspnea may be the usual food of the horse, however, this requires the combination of several conditions.

The most common symptoms of asthma include:

  • difficulty swallowing the animal;
  • frequent attempts to swallow food, ending with his falling out from the horse’s mouth;
  • a common sign of illness;
  • some unusual salivation;
  • in prolonged cases of suffocation of the horse, there is access to some amount of saliva and food through the nostrils;
  • visible outside the bulge in the throat, svidetelstvuet about the presence of the stuck foreign body.

Measures to combat choking the horse

  • At the first sign of choking call the veterinarian. Keep in mind that when you choking horse may be required is available only at the vet tranquilizers or even gastric tube.
  • Before the arrival of the vet and it do everything possible to calm the horse. Excessive excitability here could end badly.
  • With a small choking give your pet a soft, moist food and a tuft of grass. The fact that during suffocation horses need to eat something that would help to reduce digestive disorders and to support the flow of saliva. According to researches, the saliva contains substances that rejuvenate the damaged tissue of the esophagus and oral cavity.

Prevention. How to avoid choking the horse

  • Regularly check the condition of the teeth of the animal. In poor condition, the horse will try to swallow food without chewing. As a result, large pieces can get stuck in the throat, causing suffocation.
  • Feed the horse better solid ration with chopped straw to slow consumption and encourage chewing.
  • Feed your horse mainly off of the floor. This is the most natural and physiological for horses.
  • If you use a pre soak the feed before feeding the horses, make sure that the food is really soaked.
  • Follow your own inner peace and remove all irritants (foreign entities, other animals) that cause the horse is in a hurry. Let horses eat in peace. If your horse is too excitable, it is best to put the feeder near the door. It’s supposed to calm her down.
  • If your horse, despite all the measures taken, gulping down food, not chewing it, then you should feed the horse only soaked food. This will reduce the risk of blockage of the pharynx.

Remember that food is swallowed, a prior ground, not crushed by the teeth of the horse and not sufficiently moistened with saliva, can easily become a choking hazard. Only in rare cases, the cause of suffocation is called the innate structure of the esophagus a particular horse.

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