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Endurance horses

The endurance horse

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What is the weight on the horse’s back is the maximum? Studies have shown that when working the horse from the weight of the rider and ammunition, component of total 15-20% of the weight of the animal, the horse was in minimum stress. With a load of 20-30% of body weight was noticed shortness of breath and palpitation of the heart. Under weight 30% or more, the stress was clearly visible. In the latter case, the horses the next day it was noted spasms and muscle pain.

Выносливость лошади

Based on these observations, the researchers came to the conclusion that it is not necessary to prevent the load on the horse above 20%. This means that when the mass of an adult horse 500 kg of the combined weight of the rider, his clothes, ammunition should be of the order of 100 kg. And for a young horse weighing 300 kg allowable load is 60 kg. otherwise it is highly likely the horse painful signs.

Other researchers have confirmed that a balanced field landing reduces the load on the horse’s back. It is worth to remember about the saddle! It also affects the load distribution on the back of the animal.

Uncomfortable saddle while working the horse causes back pain and pain causes spasm. For pain and cramps in the dorsal muscles, even under light weight, the horse is experiencing heavy loads, than a healthy horse by a heavy rider. Also known the consequences of overloaded muscles: a failed spin, the lack of flexibility, refusal to work on transitions and collection. Documented cases when back pain still at the stage of appearance of dry spots under the saddle of the horse refused to work on the trot and the gallop, tossed backwards and, in the end, chafing with yourself riders.

Let’s see what the harm using the wrong saddle.

Take the saddle by 2 cm narrower than the needs of the horse. Studies show that this saddle vastly increases the strain on the back and rump of the animal. It turns out that in order for the horse began to experience lower back pain, it can be quite easy unbalanced rider sitting in the narrow seat. The same goes for too wide of saddles, when they are 2 cm longer and wider than necessary. Such saddles overload the withers and the back of the animal.

Signs ill-fitting saddle

If the horse outpatiet unevenly under the saddle or white hairs, swelling and soreness when cleaning wool to the back, perhaps that had been overly high pressure. I.e. if the horse is working under light horse (<20%), but the white markings on the shoulder still appear — this means that the load from the rider to be back too big. This saddle is not suitable for horses.

Repeat: what weight can carry a horse without harm to their health? A: in a suitable seat and with a healthy back — up to 20% by weight, including rider apparel and gear. And in the wrong saddle a horse can work only an indefinitely short time. It all depends on her patience and stamina.

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