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examination of the colts

Inspection of foals

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As with adult horses, foals are also in need of examination by owner or vet. But sometimes come across such individuals who because of innate modesty does not allow himself to examine and finger. This article talks about a small but very successful reception, allowing you to quickly make contact with the animal.

Some foals are very bad for human contact. When trying inspection, they are trying to hide from came using as an obstacle any object or the body of the mother. Of course, this is no serious tactile contact is not mentioned at all. How do you get a foal to stand still? There are several options: invitation of additional staff, the use of ropes for lashing the animal sedatives. However, besides all this can help “behavioral method” described by A. Vinitsky.

So, how do you force the foal to stand still and succumb to the inspection? For this you need two people. One carefully approaches the animal and slowly reaches for his withers. If it is difficult just to approach the foal, try to approach him back, half-sitting. If You are smaller stature, for many foals You is not terrible and You can keep close to him at least out of curiosity. Here You are closer to the back of the animal. The area of direct contact may be slightly above the — lower part of the neck. In these places you need to do castelino-massage movements. The amplitude of the motions should be initially small but increasing over time. If You got it and You did everything correctly, then after half a minute will be able to see how the foal’s head began to twitch. Moreover, the eyes (eyelids) prizakroetsya, ears rasslabon and will hang, and lower lip to increase the perimeter and also droop. These are the basic signs of a horse relaxing. At this moment the second man can do with a horse virtually any checks. It will allow You to touch anything, but You would not have stayed at this holocron massage.

Noticed that older horses can lose the ability in such relaxation. It is believed that this technique is based on rudimentary behaviour. Vestige is the underdeveloped structure of the body, now defunct, but inherited from ancestors. Whales in evolution has long ceased to walk the earth, however, as in terrestrial animals, they have retained a vestigial pelvic bones — they are not useful, but do not interfere with the animal. Also inherited from the ancestors can be maintained is any form of behavior. Relaxation of the foal in response to stimulation of the area of the withers recalls that many tens of millions of years ago, ancient ancestors of the horses wore their babies in the teeth, as it is doing today cats and dogs. Take the kitten to the withers — and he reflexively relax, hang lifelessly in your hands. That is biology.

As soon as the first person ceases to comb the withers, a foal will immediately Wake up, but can go again and ask for continue.

Breeders say that most of the adult horses like when they scratch the crest of neck, withers, shoulder, but also noticed that few adults react to it as much as foals.

I hope this technique of obezdwijivanie will help You to establish closer contact with the animal and will allow You time to make the necessary veterinary inspection.

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