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feeding a newborn foal milk

Feeding the newborn foal milk

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To natural-feeding mother and her baby were no incidents, even before birth, start to teach your horse to allow her teats and udder. All you need is to gently, carefully wiping them. Many horses are ticklish and teats and udder of a young Mare is usually very sensitive to touching.

Feeding the newborn foal with milk from the udder of the mother

In some cases after vegerable nipples the Mare to become inflamed, and because touching him is so painful that the young Mare might not even allow their foals to the udder. Because training in the wiping of the udder with a cloth and a little jerkiness nipples can serve as collateral for the lack of future trouble in feeding.

If after vegerable and exercise did not save it widelite Mammy’s colostrum into a clean container. Received prozivaete drain into the bottle, cover the soft teat and the foal Saivite. After that, he’ll take care of myself, and hungry, alone will succeed. Your task — to hold the Mare and allow the baby to find the udder and suck. After two or three test feedings of the Mare gets used to feed the foal on their own, without your help.

Especially important, this procedure within the first hour or two after birth, while the baby is craplet and get back on your feet. Healthy foals usually very quickly back on my feet. Rarely seen in nature, being able, albeit awkwardly, but still keep your feet on the first day of my life. Horses are amazing creatures!

In addition to feeding for born foal is very important and the reverse procedure defecation. So you need to ensure that no accumulated inventory of original faeces in the rectum of the baby. After the first or second feeding of the foal is pooping normally. If this happens, it begins to show signs of anxiety, refuses to continue to suck the udder, straining. If he doesn’t get help, he may even die from colic. To avoid unnecessary problems, vets recommend to make a cool enema of liquid Flaxseed jelly, or, if Flaxseed is not at hand, the milk of the Mare. Before the procedure to reduce the friction be sure to lubricate the enema tip with vaseline. Lock standing foal and gently put the end of the enema 3-4 cm into the anal passage. Then slowly squeeze contents of enema into the rectum. Gently massaging the belly of a foal, squeeze the remains of the original feces out. They look like little black lumps. If the enema is small, then one procedure may not be enough, and you have to repeat everything from the beginning.

If the foal playful and happy, with an appetite to suck the mother approximately every forty minutes, a good sleep, then his health is all right, and you have nothing to worry about.

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