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Harmful habits in horses

Bad habits of the horse

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What do you feel you have a matter of people biting their nails? I am sure that is not very pleasant. Did you know that horses too have their own bad habits? Some habits are considered to be congenital, but most is still purchased due to the wrong economic activities of their owner. Let’s look at are the horse’s vices.

Here are the main, most often seen in horses of bad habits.

Writhing horses and smashing a hoof

In horses, a long time standing in the stall, can form a stable Vice in which the animals hoof beat floors, walls, the stable door — that is all what they can reach, and that somehow may have missed the horse. Of course, that such a stall Vice is detrimental both to the owner of the stables and the horse.

How to fix the flaw: such a horse is worth more than a walk in the paddock.

Gnawing blankets

The other Vice — gnawing blankets. The horse may chew the blanket from excitement, maybe from boredom from wearing the same blanket.

How to fix the flaw: attach a piece of fabric to the halter.


There is such a Vice, when a horse is in mild irritation, if something did not like, trying to bite or kick, standing nearby. And it may be as a person, as his kinsman. The source of this habit lies in the long-term assumption that the owner of the horse.

How to fix the flaw: as soon as possible to endeavour to punish such actions, and “peace enforcement”.

Nervousness of the horse

Some horses experience severe nervousness. They are afraid of any sudden strange movement nearby.

How to fix the flaw: to treat a horse very carefully, with deep respect, care, kindness. Timidity must pass.


Some breeders include molestation — the desire to annoy the other horses too to the list of undesirable habits. At least a horse and a herd animal at the genetic level are accustomed to live among their own kind, but unnecessary molestation still prevents to live, work and relax with the other horses. Because this defect is also worth fighting for.

The digging of the earth

Sometimes a horse suffers such an interesting Vice, like digging a front hoof. This is usually a symptom of impatience horses to any process.


If the horse gets “a candle”, kicking and refuses to work, then this may be just a sign of stubbornness. However, do not rush to grab the whip, in some cases, in the same way a horse shows that with her health or ammunition is not all right. before work better to be safe and check the status of equipment and horses.

How to fix the flaw: typically the classic method of “carrot and stick”.

On stall vices you can read our article How to deal with bad habits of horses and Bear pitching and go — stable vices of horses.

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