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Heat stroke

Heat stroke

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Rare novice horse owner knows that horses, like people, in the summer heat can get heat stroke. And it can cause significant damage to the health of the animal.

If Your funds allow You, then to prevent thermal shock to the stables it is recommended to install reliable and quiet air conditioning. Indeed, the real owner of the horse cares about the comfort of its contents. With good conditioning and You will be pleased to work with your pet, and horse.

Horse in the water. Photo By Melissa Farlow

It is not necessary to keep a horse confined in a stable or in a mobile van — high humidity and heat neutralize the protective system of the horse, exhausted and deprived of her body’s ability to regulate temperature. But if in hot weather a horse besides not getting enough water to drink, then it is safe to say that heat stroke is assured. To prevent this, ensure your horse constant access to water and to salts (mineral Lizunov). Solemnely briquette necessary to replenish the horse’s body with salt, which she loses through sweat.

Of course, many horses tolerate heat differently. Like people, some horses can transfer hot days without any damage to health, and other animals high temperatures is very heavy to carry. The main signs of heat stroke the horse include:

  • refusal to work;
  • trembling of the muscles;
  • weakness;
  • a sharp decline in the amount of urine.

If You are unable to keep your horse from excess heat, then it will be expressed in the following characteristic features:

  • poor appetite;
  • discomfort;
  • the change in the pulse.

How to deal with heat stroke

To reduce the negative effects of heat stroke the affected horse need to pour cool (but not icy) water to drink and put in ventilated cool box. Then advised to call a veterinarian. Remember that the strong thermal shock can lead to death of the animal. Therefore it is best to warn him, than to regret the loss of your pet.

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