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Helmets, or mind the gap

Hats or Keep your head

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As horsemen is to protect the head from impact? Right, wear a protection helmet. How to choose a helmet?

Шлемы, или Берегите голову

You should pay attention to the fastening of the helmets. The easy fastening, long used in the manufacture of hats, the attachment band under the chin. Today it is believed that helmets with three attachment points — at the temples and the back of his head tighter to fit the head of a horseman, not spdifout eyes remain on the head even in strong vibration and shocks.

There are several types of fastening of helmets: it is ribbon, straps, rope fixing, which are located inside the helmet. Modern manufacturers of helmets have taken care of the riders, who must always be connected, adapting the fastening of helmets to use hands-free mobile phones. For greater comfort of the rider there are padding under the chin and the clasp that you can snap with one hand. For a good helmet no matter what force will be the pressure drop. A specially designed fixture will prevent its accidental disclosure.

Requirements for helmets:

  • ease;
  • reliability;
  • adjustability;
  • ventilation;
  • elegance
  • shamnesty internal substrate for possible washing.

Some helmets are inherent in a system of rapid adaptation (in the description in English: FAS — Fast Adapting System). Are the elements on podvorotni and occipital parts of the helmet. They are made of soft material that prevents rubbing of the scalp, a few adjusting General size.

Sometimes under a helmet in cold weather is to poddevat Balaclava (Balaklava). Warm wool Balaclava will keep you warm in cold weather. This Balaclava will be useful in strong winds.

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