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horse breed: Andalusian horse breed

Horse breed: Andalusian breed of horses

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The Andalusian breed of horses, sometimes called the Spanish horse breed, leading its roots from Andalusia, Spain.

The Andalusian horse. Photo from ru.wikipedia.org

Andalusian horse at home called Pura Raza Espanola, is the most famous horse breed of Spain, used one time almost all over the world. Under the strong influence of the Andalusian breed in its heyday formed a group of breeds of Spanish, which became known as “Baroque breeds”: this is now a defunct Neapolitan, frederiksborggade from Denmark (preserved in small numbers to the present day, but has changed significantly due to crosses), lipiczanska (the world famous horse of the Vienna school), kladrubsky. Frisian breed Andalusian blood left a legacy of high neck and a special grandeur. Carries some charm of the Baroque breeds and Orlov trotters, the breed already belongs to another type and another era.

Andalusians were popular in Europe in XVI-XVIII centuries, when it was a standard Manege horse. Later, however, the breed was pushed out of thoroughbred riding breed and forgotten. New the heyday of the ancient Spanish breed was only in the late twentieth century, when fashion in the wider circles of society was once again voted horse of the show.

But why three centuries ago, this Spanish breed was so popular? The most accurate answer to this question gives the portal about horses horseportal.ru:

There are few breeds more vivid and impressive. Their unusual move captivates from the first glance, it is high by nature, and coupled with a small capture space creates the impression that andalouses moving as if dancing. On the lynx front legs easily rise to the level of the chest. When you look at this breed a feeling that the center of gravity of the horse is shifted to the hind legs, and before it is lifted, which gives it an extraordinary flexibility and agility, and movement and makes a majestic picture. This artsy splendor and at the same time for easy movement Assembly — the most striking differences all breeds of the Spanish type.

The Andalusian horse is perfect for high school riding. It is this area that became the main “specialty” breed, in which she perfected over centuries.

The exterior of the Andalusian breed

The Andalusian horse is of medium size (height at withers the order of 155-160 cm), with rounded, wide but compact body. The skin is thin and flexible. Chest broad, powerful and rounded croup, tail set low. The back of the horse are strong and flexible, free movements. About andaloussi say that they chested and bellied.

Andalusians are renowned for their luxurious, very long, thick tail and mane. Neck are broad, set high, with a haughty bend and long neck. Limbs of medium length, strong and bony, in comparison with the torso legs look, of course, tonchovata. Hind legs slightly outstretched, which increases the feeling of compactness.

The suit of the Spaniards, mostly gray or Bay. If you want to meet the black, red or roan Andalusian horse, you will have some work to do.

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