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horse breed: Arabian horse

Horse breed: Arabian horse

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Arabian horse (also sometimes referred to as Arabian thoroughbred) was derived in the Arabian Peninsula and is one of the oldest breeds of riding horses. It is believed that its conclusion was already done in IV-VII centuries! In XI-XII centuries it was widely known, and until the mid-nineteenth century was the main improving the breed of horses in many horse-breeding countries of the world. It is distinguished by distinctive exterior, the harmony of the Constitution, free and beautiful movement, agility, more stamina, and longevity.

Exterior description Arabian breed of horses

Horses Arabian horses have compact, short and rounded body, a dense Constitution, short and very dry and widely spaced limbs. Medium-sized animals; the height at the withers according to various sources, 142-145 cm or 150-154 cm; girth of pasty: 19 see, the Head is small, broad in the forehead and wedge-shaped tapering towards the muzzle. Profile concave. The eyes of the Arab horse large and convex. Many breeders find them very expressive. And large, sensitive nostrils to create a more charming impression from the appearance of the Arabian horse. Neck — of medium length and thickness. Thorax wide, with a sloped back and rounded edges. A back is wide, short, straight croup; tail set high, with a beautiful bend. You can even say that “cock” tail of the Arab thoroughbred — is its special characteristic mark. The fact that the horse running at a gallop or fast trot, high it raises.

Arab horse is a survivor among breeds of domestic horses. Many of the representatives of this breed live up to thirty years! Mares of the Arabian breed retain the ability to breed to a great age and that are of good fertility.

Arab thoroughbred horse

The dominant suit of the Arabian breed: red, gray and Bay. Black Arabs also occur, but much less frequently. The Arab horses, often there are white markings on the head and limbs.

Arabian horse is known for graceful, flowing of digenite, especially noticeable when the animal goes at a gallop. In the trot she has a very good working wrist. Only a step — the weak side of Arabian horses.

Recorded a record speed of Arabian horses is 1 minute 0.6 seconds at a distance of 1000 m. At a distance of 2400 metres record of 2 minutes 41 seconds.

When crossing long distances in the harsh conditions of the Arabian breed of horses surpasses other breeds.

With the participation of Arabian horses in his time were bred other breed: Orlov Trotter, Tersk, don and some others.

Currently, Arab stallions used for improvements and beautification of horses of a range of plant breeds: Tersk, don, Budyonny and others.

Today the Arab breed of horses bred on all continents except Antarctica and Australia. The most valuable livestock of Arabian horses in the territory of the Russian Federation is located at Tersk stud farm in Stavropol region.

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