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Horse breed: Clydesdale

Draught breeds: Clydesdale

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Clydesdale breed of horses (Clydesdale) a draft (draught) breed. Clydesdale to become the first to breed the Scottish farmers of Lanarkshire (Lanarkshire), through which flows the river Clyde (from it came the name of the breed). After a while Lanarkshire has become widely known throughout the world thanks to bred breed of horses, why not so long ago, in 1980-m to year, was renamed in Clydesdale.

Harness Clydesdale. Photo from wikipedia.org

Clydesdale were bred by mating a Flemish stallion with local Scottish mares. The first recorded mention of the species belong to 1826, the ninth year.

Clydesdale (in the literature also found writing through “e” of Clydesdale, although the pronunciation of the breed in English sounds like “Clydesdale”) was bred not only for agricultural needs of the farmers of Lanarkshire, but also because of its strength and endurance was used in nearby mines as a workhorse transport for the transport of coal. Representatives of this breed also successfully worked as heavy carriers on the streets of one of the largest cities in Scotland — Glasgow.

Clydesdale horse. Photo from gusdnichols.hubpages.com

Some time later, thanks to the excellent qualities of the breed and good temper Clydesdale began to breed throughout Scotland. And then the glory of the Scottish workhorse has spread even further — first to the whole of the UK, then Europe, and later throughout the world. Clydesdale began to buy breeders in other continents, including the us. These dray horses worked in the USA, Germany, Russia, Africa, in the canadian and American prairies, and also in Australia. By the way, did you know that clydesdales sometimes referred to as the “breed that built Australia”?

Clydesdale horse

Over time Clydesdale the breed was perfected, was supersensuous, and strengthened, and in 1877 was wound up Studbook. Many breed members were exported to other countries. However, due to the First world war and the advent of mechanization the breed’s numbers began to decline. With each passing decade, the need for animal-drawn dray decreased because Clydesdale remained less and less. So, in the 1970’s the breed was considered endangered, even considered that it will soon disappear altogether. Because Clydesdale was entered in the register of rare breeds. However, thanks to an experienced konezavodchik population began to grow again, and the horses again began to dissolve.

Like all breeds, originally bred for use in agriculture, with the advent of mechanization of Clydesdale have undergone some changes. Modern representatives of the breed feel better and now their weight is 820-900 kg, at least — a ton. At the same time, the animals become superior to their ancestors, have become more visually impressive. The height at the withers — about 163-183 see Some konezavodchik believe that Clydesdale a more stylish exterior than they were in the past.

Clydesdale on parade. Photo from en.wikipedia.org

Even the English farmers, breed breed, believed that Clydesdale very close to the Shires. The one and the other breed on the feet of grow typical chic brushes. However, Clydesdale, unlike the Shires do not have the pronounced hump on the face and have a long neck. Also, in contrast to Shires, from Clydesdale on the skin of white markings are not only on the head and feet, but at the lower abdomen.

Usually Clydesdale meet a chestnut suit, however, there are karakova, Ryrie or black representatives.

Today, Clydesdale primarily due to its exterior with a fabulous successfully used at various shows. In the UK, for example, a very popular performances of the cavalry with the drums when under saddle are of Clydesdale.

Also stallions of this breed are used to create and improve other breeds scrap (for example, Vladimir).

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