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horse breed: horse trakenenskaya

Horse breed: horse trakenenskaya

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Trakenenskaya breed of horses was developed in XVIII century in Germany (East Prussia) at stud, founded by the king of Prussia Wilhelm I. During injection was used the Arab and thoroughbred horse breed horses.

Trakenenskaya breed. Photo from wikipedia.org

Almost three centuries ago to replenish the Prussian army cavalry horse stud farm Trakenen, located in East Prussia, began to interbreed with local wild mares (referred to as shikami) with stallions of Eastern blood (Arab, Berber, Turkish and even Spanish). A little later, the crossing was continued with English thoroughbred stallions. From the very beginning displayed on Trakenenskaya plant species has established itself with a good hand in the classic equestrian sports: show jumping, dressage and eventing. The horse became famous all over Europe. Since the 1850s years Trakehner stallions of the breed began to experience in flat racing, which are then replaced by stipl Chezy and pretentious hunting. The Mare was tested for agricultural and transport operations. It was obtained a large, massive horse, which received its name on behalf of the Prussian factory — Trakenen.

Exterior features

Trakenenskaya horse

Back trakeena strong and, at the same time, flexible. And trained legs — lovely sight!

Trakenenskaya horses grow to different sizes. The height at the withers varies from individual to individual and ranges from 160 to 175 cm

Trakenenskaya horses are characterized by a wide step and trot. Also trakeena inherent in a powerful gallop, because these horses are often used in sports.

The most common suit tractinsky horses: brown, Bay, black and reddish, more rarely gray. The other colors in the Trakehner breed.

The twentieth century badly treated Tractinsky plant. During the First world war, the factory was damaged considerably. Later, during the Second world war, the Germans tractinsky 1200 horses have been specifically dispersed through Europe, only that they have not got inexorably advancing troops of the Soviet army.

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