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Horse breed: Latvian draught horse

Draught breed: Latvian draught horse

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Latvian draught horse was developed in the early XX century on the territory of the Republic of Latvia (USSR). However, final approval of the breed took place later, in 1952.

Image 1. Latvian draught horse

The breed was created by crossing local native horses with draft breeds of Western Europe. During the period from 1921 to 1943, in Latvia were imported, mainly from Holland and Germany, the 65 breeding Oldenburg stallions and 42 Oldenburg mares and about one thousand workers of the mares of this type. Since 1921 began working stud farm in OCTA Talsi County, where there were about 50 Oldenburg horses, including purebred 24 — 2 22 stallion and Mare. Displayed on Achinskom stud breed responds well then queries the Latvian peasants.

Exterior features Latvian draught horse

Image 2. Latvian draught horse. Photo Nikolaeva Olesya

Latvian draught are characterized by a large head with smooth, straight profile, erect, protruding ears, large eyes and a pleasant, lively look. Latvian draught, like all draft horses, mighty neck. The withers are of average height. Back straight, broad, strong loin, croup broad, moderately lowered. Chest deep, barrel-shaped. Thigh Latvian draught muscular, legs well boned, quite dry, the joints large and well defined. The grandmother of these horses are short and steep, hooves are strong, with a normal slope.

Picture 3. Latvian draught horse. Photo Nikolaeva Olesya

The Constitution of the Latvian draught is strong, dry. Movement this horse is wide and sweeping, the temperament is hot. Latvian draught dobroesti. In General, they differ powerful, but at the same time, harmonious physique, a bony horse and a pronounced silhouette. In agriculture of the Latvian harness horses are used in harness and under saddle.

The horses of the Latvian horse breed is dominated by Bay, dark Bay, black and red suit.

In material books Gerasimov “Horses. Breeding and care”. Photo 2

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