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horse breed: the don

Horse breed don horse

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Horses of the don breed is quite strong and durable, therefore used not only for riding but also for movement in a horse and cart.


The don breed of horses (dons) classified verhove-harness (or combined) species, which, in turn, belong to the class of saddle rocks.

Don is one of the oldest Russian plant breeds. For equestrian breeding for significance, it is not inferior to the Orlov Trotter. But if Orlov Trotter was bred in a fairly short period of time and based almost exclusively imported, the import material, the Donskoy breed is present deep Russian roots, and perfected it for centuries! Not immediately dons from the ordinary to the steppe horses became a serious beauty, a real decoration of the Russian cavalry.

A bit of history

In the eighteenth century the don Cossacks have decided to improve their horses. The improvement was due to PERELIVANIJA blood first Persian, Turkish, Turkmen, Karabakh, and then Orlovo-rastopchina, Musketeers, thoroughbred stallions.

Modern don horses are notable for their strong Constitution. They are unpretentious in feeding and maintenance, very hardy. They have a wide body with a powerful, compact body, small head, strong limbs. Later the don horses were crossed with stallions of Russian riding breed (Orlov-Rostopchin and the Streltsy), as well as the English thoroughbred breed. All these procedures were completed in the early XX century, and since then the dons have not experienced the influence of foreign blood.

The don horse breed

It should be noted that a significant qualitative improvement of the don horses has occurred in the conditions of herd keeping. Rigorous selection of the fortress of the Constitution and working abilities required to drill the Cossack horses, don has made the breed one of the best cavalry horses. In the Soviet period, the horses of the don breed was greatly enlarged, increased their agility in the race.

Like most other Russian horse breeds, the don breed is traditionally kept in herds, rassredotochit on the boundless steppes. Therefore, this breed is fairly hardened and capable of surviving with minimal human involvement. She is responsible for the initial tasks of the cavalry horses, and these days used as a conventional riding.

In the process of selection of the don horses is divided into four intrabreed type.

  • Persian type (he later called the East). This type was formed in the Donskoy breed under the influence of the Karabakh, the Persian and Turkish horses (that is horses of the southern and South-Eastern origin). Thanks to these crosses of the don breed have become a Golden shade of hair. The Eastern type of the dons has a growth of about 163 cm at the withers, and even higher. Thorax well developed, the head has an elongated shape with a narrow snoring and delicate nostrils; the eyes large and expressive. This type Donskoy breed is particularly valued non-recurring more than in any other breed light-Golden color. Skin thickness is small, the fur soft and silky. The mane and tail are wavy, with a small coat.
  • East-Karabakh type. Growth horses of this type are slightly lower than the East — from 159 see Expressive exterior feature is a black mane and tail.
  • East massive type. This type Donskoy breed combines quality Oriental type with size and massiveness. Horse of the East heavy is quite high: 165 -170 cm at the withers. Bust — from 197 see
  • Horse type. Horses of this type have a light head, long neck, long neck, pronounced withers, relatively long and oblique shoulder. The Golden color of wool of this type is rarer than the rest.

Suit horses of the don breed is most often caught red, with a Golden hue, rarely brown.

In its further development of the don horses are involved in breeding budennovskaya breed. In the current period, along with their own thoroughbred breeding Donskaya breed is used as a improve for some native species (for example, Kyrgyz, Kazakh breed).

The magazine used the article of Fey Queen of magazine “Gold Mustang” (St., 2012)

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