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horse breed: Ukrainian riding horse

Horse breed: Ukrainian riding horse

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Ukrainian riding horse refers to verhova are the draught breeds. Representatives of the Ukrainian riding equally well suitable for dressage, jumping and eventing.

Ukrainian riding breed number of breeding occupies first place in Ukraine among plant breeds.

Characteristic of the breed

Ukrainian horse breed

Ukrainian saddle horses have a high growth and well developed body. Horse Ohr are also characterized by a harmonious physique and strong Constitution. They have proportionally-developed head, long neck, deep and broad chest, long wide rump (by the way, with normal bias). The legs of the horses are strong, characterized by the correct formulation.

The Ukrainian rider horse breed tend to “live”, energetic temperament. Breeders are proud of the productive movements of their horses at all gaits.

The Ukrainian riding breed today successfully combines the best qualities of the original breeds used for breeding:

  • energy, dry, strong Constitution of the thoroughbred riding breed;
  • high growth, solidity and harmonic Western European breeds;
  • the unique shape of the Orlov-Rostopchin breed.

The popularity of Ukrainian riding due to its great ability to perform at sports competitions that in recent history was confirmed by multiple achievements.

The history of the breed

In Ukraine the work on creation of horses verhove-draught type began in the middle of the XX century on the initiative of Marshal of the Soviet Union S. M. Budyonny. It was carried out first in Ukrainian stud, where after the great Patriotic war as trophies received 275 mares. Those horses were marked mostly by the Hungarian stud Mezohegyes. Ukrainian stud as trophies also went to herds with stallions, Hanoverian, Trakehner, Hungarian, Arabian horse breeds and their crosses. We can say that these captured Western horse gave impetus to the development of the Ukrainian riding breed.

The Ukrainian riding breed. Photo from status-studfarm.com

Work on the creation of the breed with the desired qualities was not easy. After it has been calculated that in deriving the CIP was used by horses more than eleven other breeds. Basic rocks, which gave his “blood” to DIP, was a thoroughbred horse, trakenenskaya, Hungarian, Russian horse, less used horses Hanoverian, Arabian and Akhal-Teke breeds. Of great importance in the development of the breed were used in breeding stallions and mares carrying the blood of the Russian riding breed.

Today, breeding of Ukrainian riding breed horse deals factory Status and Kharkiv stud farm.

Information for material taken from the site of the stud farm Status status-studfarm.com.

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