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Scratching horse

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Most of the horses in the daily care really appreciate if they occasionally scratch. Moreover, special attention should be paid to their “Castelnau” the places where they themselves can’t reach. Such places should take place through a strong massage brush. In a herd of horses themselves scratching each other. So your scratching power must be commensurate. The only exception will be a particular tender places, nakazanie flies.

Чесание лошади

When you start scratching the horse to push with a weak effort. As you continue to increase the force, carefully watching the reaction of the animal. Usually horses like it when they scratch their mane at the roots of the hair and area the area around the withers and on the chest. Young foals can scratch grains, and some horse flies nakazyvaet inner thighs, though not every horse let go. The man with the brush you have to be careful not to run into a kick rear leg.

Carding is a good opportunity to contact the horse and human. At the box office or at the stables you will often see people, whom like to lure animals, but not all know how to do it correctly. Incorrectly filed treat can teach the horse to beg for a treat. Very frustrating when the horse hollows his foot on the door of the stall, seeing as not buying it, and the neighbor’s horse, or when the halter is impossible to fasten the line is due to a too-rapid attempts to find in the hand a treat. Carding, on the contrary, though very nice horses, but it does not cause violent emotional reactions.

To make the communication between man and horse more enjoyable with the help of carding, to agree with horse about respect of personal space and finding the quiet commands that it is able to move is a great excuse for socializing and fun activities, which does not require any specific time, nor publicity. This is something that can and should be done casually in daily conversation, for that nothing special is required! Be sure that you don’t just feed yourself with these classes and work for the benefit of the horse — she will only win if they become more compliant and polite.

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