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horse walkers for horses

Horse walkers for horse

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Horse walkers are devices for horse training. With the help of them you can stretch your horse before work and safely cool after. Horse walkers are also used for rehabilitation, recovery of horses after exercise or injury.

Guide rail — an effective tool to warm up before working out and cooling off after such horses. If you search well at the market you can find a lot of high-end models of the horse walkers.

Horse walkers are quite popular. In Europe they can be found in many equestrian sports complexes, race tracks, the stud farms, some horse farms.

Some skeptical critics think of the horse walkers boring, monotonous and even tedious. However, it is in the horse walkers horse you can drive with any speed as much time as it takes. And it is necessary for otchayaniya and designed guide rail!

The safety of the walkers

The use of walkers safe enough. However, you should always carefully monitor the device when placed in your horse. Pay special attention to the coverage. Coating walkers in all weather conditions should remain strong. When wet, the coating should not slide. Additionally, the coating must be Besobrasova. In case of contamination You should be able to easily wash it.

The materials used for horse walkers

As components for classic walkers used a steel structure, rubber matting, materials based on silicone veselinov, cement to litter on the tracks used sand and wood chips.

Recently, the market entered the water horse walkers. There design track different from the classic. The main difference is the part for the passage of horses partially filled with water, it turns a kind of pool for horses. The water in the pool creates an additional burden for vysalivaniya horse. Horses do not swim, but step forward in water, freely move inside the pool of water and can arbitrarily change the direction of movement. Sometimes horse walkers are supplied computerized, then using the computer can be programmed rhythm of the step, direction and duration of movement.

Although the guide rail, even in the opinion of the European colleagues-the horse owners are very expensive (say, about 15 thousand euros — nearly 600 thousand rubles), they should not be the only means to warm up and cooling your horse.

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