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How to deal with bad habits horses

How to deal with bad habits of horses

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Studies have shown that the increase in time spent feeding increases the likelihood of the horse’s abnormal behavior, which used to be called stall vices, and now — stereotypical behavior. It is defined as “the manner of behavior that a horse acquires, in a state of stress in an unnatural environment.” If you want to save a horse from such bad habits in the first place you should… more the horse for a walk!

Indeed, walks in the paddock largely normalize physical and mental condition of the horse. If your mentee is forced to spend long hours in the stall, you will have to create more comfortable conditions than we have now. It will have to make some changes in the equipment your stable.

First and foremost, at the opening of the door of the stall of the horse set of V-shaped metal bars. The bottom edge of the grille will prevent the rocking of the horse’s head, restricting movement. Yes, of course, this measure only saves the horse from the habit of shaking his head, jamming it in the open part of the door, however, does not relieve from the stress that caused the unwanted behavior. And some rocking horses head and behind the grill! Because the bars are not able radically to improve the situation.

Even if you smear with tar or other substance with an unpleasant taste door of the stall and all the other places that are gnawing from the horse, it is only going to protect these places, nothing more! A bad habit will remain and will manifest in something else, maybe in some more terrible form.

Some breeders against prichoski use special pricacy collar with metal arc. When you try to stretch your neck to prichoski the collar bites into the neck of the horse, creating painful sensations, thereby tokiwa from bad habits.

If you go to the vet with a complaint of go, then he probably will advise some antacid medications.

All of the above and similar methods and tools are good, but they correct established habit and not the cause habits. Because most experienced horse owners prefer to deal with bad habits is quite simple way — more frequent strolling horses in the paddock. However, if this is unavailable, e.g. due genikologa written content, then try to make sure that your pitomtsa had continuous access to silage and hay. After all, in nature the horse, and both in abundance, hence formed the habit of pinching the grass almost all day. So try to make your horse’s hay was enough!

Modern industry does not stand still and today to some horses to help special toys from bad habits. There is a very interesting (from the point of view of the horse) toys, of which food may fall when they roll on the floor.

Other bad habits horses read our next article.

Remember that no toy can not compare to human contact on pasture or in the paddock when training horses!

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