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How to improve performance horses

How to improve the performance of the horse

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Perhaps, the main factors vlasimi on the performance of the horse are: the body type (Constitution), temperament, maintenance, feeding, live weight.

Keep in mind that the nominal (full) health of the horse reach only by 4-5 years of life. However, one should not think of the young stallions life — sugar. They begin to “put a hand” to work before. Yes, it is, of course, lighter than their “older brothers”. Reasonable work contributes to the development and strengthening of the whole body of the young horse. Heavy work, on the contrary, may cause retardation in development and can lead to various bad diseases. Because the burden on young horses (which for 2-3 years) should be in moderation!

Also remember that each horse has its individual rhythm and pace of movement. That is, someone running briskly, but not for long, someone — on the contrary, aims to go part of the way with a more or less uniform speed. If you build a mode work horse, then try to install it according to the personal characteristic features of the horse’s body.

If you use horses to work in pairs (pair harness), then you should think about the formation of the team taking into account breed your horses, their age, gender, body weight, magnitude of traction, length, and frequency step, finally, the disposition of the horse. For convenient work it is better to pick up the horses so that the parameters were more or less equal.

To improve the health of the horse you must strictly adhere to her daily routine. If you use a horse in heavy work, with the creation of huge traction, then after every 50 minutes of work let him rest, take a break for 10-15 minutes.

Lunch break under any load, the horse must be at least two hours. Only this time the animals are able to efficiently chew food and put them fully to regain their strength.

Performance horses also depends on the implication in the work. That is, if the animal has been in the job for two weeks, today’s performance will be higher than on the first day of work. And drawn into a work horse by the end of the day even does not reduce its health!

Experience in the use of horses shows that the maximum efficiency of an animal capable of producing only when it is organizationally assigned to a specific person (a driver) who responsibly monitors the rate of production of horses and the state of her health (don’t overreact). Run fixed riding lies: the fatness of the horse, the mode of use (operation), horse health, condition of harness and carriages (if used).

I hope this short material will help you personally to save your strength and money in achieving maximum impact from your horse.

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