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How to untangle matted mane and tail horses

How to untangle matted mane and tail horse

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Experienced grooms know that one of the most practical ways to disassemble a matted tail or mane of the horse is the manual method when you want to work exclusively with bare hands. In this case, the efficiency will be higher. With good zeal, the horse will not feel any pain. But at the same time, it is the sombre, long way.

Как расплести спутанную гриву и хвост лошади

Greatly simplifies the work of the groom’s untwined their mane or tail plastic comb with sturdy, wide teeth. Lead them along the hair is gently, it should not pull hair: the animal does not want a long time to endure.

Modern industry produces a special spray intended for easy combing horse hair. After treatment of the tail or mane of an animal in this part of the slipperiness of hair increase: friction reduced. This will make it easier to work with crest. Some sprays are kept long enough not to tangle the hair for some time after application.

How to apply to the mane and tail

Of course. evenly! After application proceed to the analysis of the primary beam on a smaller. The direction of movement on a matted area of hair is better to choose from the bottom up. Removal of local pollutions or analysis of critical nodes should be given separately, in addition to apply the spray directly on the selected area.

Do not despair if something does not work immediately. Remember, hygiene first! Cleaning brush or raskatyvanie comb with the pressure on the skin — it’s almost body massage: this treatment helps to stimulate blood circulation in the area of the procedure, which ultimately has a beneficial effect on hair growth. If your horses you decide to brush mane and tail brush, choose a wide brush with widely spaced bristles, preferably soft at the ends. When working with raspolaganju and brushing, hold the topknot in one hand, and, starting with the ends, work your way up. Well-groomed mane looks much better!

If comb for some reason does not work, and helps spray at hand, and the horse still needs to look beautiful, that is one way haircut.

Как расплести спутанную гриву и хвост лошади

What can be said: the horse after brushing, it will look just fine!

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