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Lagoapraia breed: Friesian horse

Lagoapraia breed: Friesian horse

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Friesian horse breed belongs to the draught breeds.

Friesian horses breed

Frisian breed was bred in Friesland (in other languages — Frisian) — the Northern province of Holland. This rock was formed during the occupation of Holland by Spain (XVI-XVII centuries). Therefore it is not surprising that the Friesian breed was produced by crossing local heavy draft breed with the Spanish breed of horses.

Exterior features

The legs of the horses Friesian hairy so expressive that all the other horses excessive vegetation on the legs are called friezes. The suit Friesian — black. Friesians are famous for fabulously long, magnificent mane and tail. When you look at the picture of this horse, it seems that the animal fell with the illustration of a children’s book about old castles, knights, dragons and princesses.

Friesian horse is characterized by a high-ranking neck with a light, a beautiful bend. The head of these horses are long, large, with a strong long ears and almost straight profile.

One of the main features of the exterior of the Friesian horse is a very dense and long brushes that cover the powerful bony legs from the hock and fall into large black hooves. This feature of the horse has become called freistatt.

All Friesians have a long and lush tail and mane. A “hallmark” of the breed was the black suit with no markings. Although it is worth noting that in the early XX century almost half of the frieze had a chestnut colour, and in medieval times it was possible to meet even Chubar representatives of the breed.

Friesian horses are different swinging and high speed, which makes them very effective at the trot. According to one version, because of the steep turn those horses considered weak — they spend too much energy on lifting the legs.

The frieze of video Altamura Sinaloa

Friesian horse also has an expressive harmony and grace in the movements.

Friz at any age, tall, slender and strikingly spectacular. Because sometimes even the young stallion frieze looks at the average person from the top down. However, these proud black giants are good-natured and don’t bother the rider with excessive ardor, so it is very comfortable in riding.

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