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Lagoapraia breed: Furioso-Northstar

Lagoapraia breed: Furioso-Northstar

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Furioso-Northstar — Hungarian half-breed legkoobratimy horses bred in the stud Mezohegyes in 1840-1860-ies.

Breed Furioso-Northstar

Breed Furioso-Northstar got its name from the names of pioneers of branch. It is a thoroughbred horse stallions, Furioso and North star, which was crossed with Hungarian, Russian, Polish, English and various Eastern mares.


Modern Furioso-Northstar is a big, massive horse. Their average height is 160 cm, side length 162 cm, chest girth — 189 cm, and wrist circumference 20 cm Due to its characteristics Furioso-Northstar work equally well both under saddle and in harness.

In Russia the breed Furioso-Northstar used in deriving the Ukrainian riding breed.

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