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Marwari horse breed

Horse breed Marwari

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Mararska horse (Marwari) is a breed of horse from the Indian Principality superior services, located in the South-West Indian state of Rajasthan. Marwari originated from crossing native Indian ponies with Arabian horse, perhaps with some influence of the Mongol horses.

Верховая порода марвари The Marwari horse breed. This stallion Humayun, the property of Mr. Virendra Kankariya of Ahmedabad, India

The Marwari breed known in the world of equestrians thanks to its specific and at the same time, beautiful to the ears. In addition to ears these horses are characterized by high endurance. Externally, the horses are Marwari like kathiawari, another Indian breed from the region of Kathiawar.

Rathore, rulers superior services and was the first who started to breed Marwari. Since the XII century, they are strictly selected horses for breeding that promoted purity of blood and endurance. For many centuries, the Marwari was used as a cavalry horse people superior services. Breed highly enough valued and has been noted as loyal and brave in the harsh combat conditions.

The export of Marwari abroad in recent history was prohibited for decades, but between 2000 and 2006, the years he produced a small export. An exception was made for American women Francesca Kelly, who became the organizer of the society for the preservation of this breed “Indigenous Horse Society of India”. And since 2008 in small quantities became available for export of Marwari horses outside of India.

Description of the breed

The average growth — Marwari 152-163 cm They can be chestnut, gray, red, Palomino and Pinto color. Despite the fact that dominant white horses are bred in India for religious purposes, they generally are not recorded in the stud book. Grey and piebald horses are the most valuable. Blacks are considered unlucky, and the color — symbol of death and darkness. Horses that have white markings on the face and four socks are considered lucky.

The Marwari horse’s head large, the profile is straight, ears are bent inward, the length can be from 9 to 15 cm, and rotate 180 degrees. Thin neck with pronounced withers, a deep chest. Shoulders straight, which in turn facilitates before the horse and allows it to quickly and naturally move the sand. With this structure of the shoulder is much easier to get her legs out of the deep sand. Speed will be decreased, but the way the horse is very soft and comfortable for the rider. Marwari usually have long and sloping croup. Legs thin and long, the hoofs small, but well formed.

The use of the breed

Horse breed Marwari is used for riding, traditional pack animals, carriage and agricultural works. Marwari often crossed with thoroughbred horses to produce a more versatile horse. Due to its natural movement of the horse particularly suited to dressage. Marwari are also used for equestrian Polo.

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