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Method, which visosity horse in three minutes

The way in which you can use visosity horse three minutes

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Imagine you are returning from a summer walk was caught in a storm. Of course, it gave some pleasure to you, as a rider, but what about your horse? After all, its wool, which covered the body, permanently wet. Will not pick up if the horse because of the wet, cold wool cold?

Indeed, imagine that your horse was hit by summer rain. Or even worse, even if it was autumn, and was a wet snow! And animal hair all wet, the horse was soaked to… well, thoroughly! What should I do?

Radivoje owner in this case quickly leads the horse to the stables. There are already to dry the animal with a special drying cloth, which will absorb moisture from the coat as a towel. But we know the way cheaper!

If drying blankets not, then to dry the horse by using ordinary wood sawdust. Sawdust for drying is necessary, dry and clean (without major waste of wood). In the stables you can find them usually on the edges of the room, where the horses shoveling sawdust themselves lounging in the center.

For drying horses should take a few handfuls of sawdust and lay them on the back and rump of the animal a generous layer. It would also be nice these chips a little RUB into the coat and leave for a few seconds, then brush away with your hand or your ordinary brush for grooming horses.

This procedure is repeated several times. After that, even wet wool will be only slightly damp to the touch. By the way, small and dusty sawdust absorb water better chips.

If you need to dry the chest and shoulders, you can squeeze them by hand to the desired places for a few moments. Water passes from the body of the horse to the sawdust fast enough.

Many horses do love to dry sawdust. When they are wet back from the street, almost always lie down and begin to ride on the back, and then stand up, covered in sawdust.

Note that the clean up of wet sawdust, strongly adhering to the wool, it is difficult, but, fortunately, not necessarily. When they dry, they will fall by themselves or the next day, they can easily be brushed off with a brush for grooming horses.

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