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once again about the hoof care

Again about the care of hooves

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Every horseman knows that in order to maintain horse health worth to pay special attention to her hooves. Proper and regular care lies in frequent cleaning with a special brush and pruning.

Ещё раз об уходе за копытами

To trim the hoof horn specialists use forceps, a specially curved knife and rasp. Sometimes used stand hoof or it can replace an assistant.

To determine the cutting height of the hooves, the horse should stand on a flat horizontal surface. The only way to visually assess the distortions of the limbs. To produce slices regrown hoof wall should be extremely careful not to offend too much, and after the procedure to recreate the natural shape of the hoof.

The correct form of the hoof

With trimmed hooves the gait of the animal is naturally graceful. How to achieve the correct sticky? Here is your guide. The natural angle between the front (toe) line of a horse’s hoof and the horizontal surface is around 45-50 ° on the front legs and 50-55 ° at the rear.

The horse’s hoof very hard. It is able to process without any prior events. To soften the hoof should… soak. Watering can on warm summer puddle or wet sawdust. Yes, the horse is not a nail person. Therefore, it is worth considering that watering will have a few hours.

Faster the hooves grow, the horse at a young age. For this reason, the hooves of the foals should be trimmed about once a month. The plantar edge of the hoof at the same time around the perimeter of the round rasp, so as not to form creases.

To maintain healthy hooves horses often need to graze in the pastures. If the horse is shod regularly to stay its worth it to be unchained. Also rusk sick horses that are not used in the works.

At the same time, it is worth considering that the condition of the hooves of the horse is inextricably linked to the conditions of detention. The fact that the damp remains of the manure, dirt in the place of permanent residence of the animal cause rotting of switch grooves. A similar process is accompanied by a specific unpleasant smell. At the same time, according to experts, the maintenance of horses on hard surface, such as concrete, stone, asphalt, negatively affects the condition of the hoof horn and tendon-ligamentous apparatus of the limbs, so stables with Adobe floors are still considered the best choice of the horse owner.

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