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Lean horse

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If your horse is lethargic while losing weight, it is worth considering what is wrong with her. Concern for the welfare of the horse involves maintaining its condition. For this you need to understand what happened to the animals, to eradicate the very cause of weight loss.

Худая лошадь

Let’s look at what and how much the horse eats. Does the diet of the horse’s caloric needs?

The quality of the animal feed? Was there perehod on new hay at the beginning of the weight loss? Sufficient quantity of forage issued to horses?

A horse kept in the paddock or on pasture? What is the quality of a paddock where your horse grazes? Check yourself: what from a distance looks like green may be contaminated with manure or already much exhausted, damn field? Given to to pasture in addition to the grass hay? Does the horse hay in the paddock?

Is the horse drinking water? Do horses drink? If there is always available water is a suitable temperature? Do you regularly clean water tanks? Contaminated water unpleasant for drinking a lot of horses.

If there are any problems with the jaw teeth?

I can pretty girl on deworming? Often is, what are the results of the stool, whether the rotation of drugs?

Let’s see if social trowel in the team during the feed: do let a horse to the trough?

Illness like chronic bronchitis increase the need for food. Don’t sore your horse?

Is there any accumulation of sand in the gut that affect absorption of nutrients? It is possible to estimate manure.

Whether the animal has a permanent limp and pain? This causes stress and additional energy consumption.

Perhaps in the habitat of Losada full of insects, it also causes stress and requires additional energy consumption.

Pay attention to the emerging threat vices (biting, General pitching, whirling inside the stables, in the stall)?

It is possible that the horse recently moved to a new stable. This too can lead to stress and weight loss.

Primarily taken to check the standard causes of loss weight horses: parasites, as chewing of the jaw, matching the animal’s diet to the actual needs, group dynamics horses around. This is the most common likelihood the weight loss loshadi. But if it’s all clear, you should look for among the other, more rare causes.

For more rare reasons include: enterocolitis, enteralite, diseases of internal organs — heart, kidneys, liver, tumors, Lyme disease, etc. Veterinary inspection of the horse losing weight include: inspection for lameness, stomach ulcers, rectal examination, abdominal ultrasound, blood tests (especially for very thin, the age, suddenly emaciated, ailing), as well as the diagnosis of the endocrine system. The last reason, of course, more complex and expensive. So it makes sense to regularly and carefully osmatrivayut horse on the subject of all sorts of ailments.

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once again about the hoof care

Again about the care of hooves

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Every horseman knows that in order to maintain horse health worth to pay special attention to her hooves. Proper and regular care lies in frequent cleaning with a special brush and pruning.

Ещё раз об уходе за копытами

To trim the hoof horn specialists use forceps, a specially curved knife and rasp. Sometimes used stand hoof or it can replace an assistant.

To determine the cutting height of the hooves, the horse should stand on a flat horizontal surface. The only way to visually assess the distortions of the limbs. To produce slices regrown hoof wall should be extremely careful not to offend too much, and after the procedure to recreate the natural shape of the hoof.

The correct form of the hoof

With trimmed hooves the gait of the animal is naturally graceful. How to achieve the correct sticky? Here is your guide. The natural angle between the front (toe) line of a horse’s hoof and the horizontal surface is around 45-50 ° on the front legs and 50-55 ° at the rear.

The horse’s hoof very hard. It is able to process without any prior events. To soften the hoof should… soak. Watering can on warm summer puddle or wet sawdust. Yes, the horse is not a nail person. Therefore, it is worth considering that watering will have a few hours.

Faster the hooves grow, the horse at a young age. For this reason, the hooves of the foals should be trimmed about once a month. The plantar edge of the hoof at the same time around the perimeter of the round rasp, so as not to form creases.

To maintain healthy hooves horses often need to graze in the pastures. If the horse is shod regularly to stay its worth it to be unchained. Also rusk sick horses that are not used in the works.

At the same time, it is worth considering that the condition of the hooves of the horse is inextricably linked to the conditions of detention. The fact that the damp remains of the manure, dirt in the place of permanent residence of the animal cause rotting of switch grooves. A similar process is accompanied by a specific unpleasant smell. At the same time, according to experts, the maintenance of horses on hard surface, such as concrete, stone, asphalt, negatively affects the condition of the hoof horn and tendon-ligamentous apparatus of the limbs, so stables with Adobe floors are still considered the best choice of the horse owner.

See also our separate article: Caring for the hooves of the horses.

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once again about laminitis

Again about laminitis

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If you notice that your horse goes to a strange gait, she may have laminitis. In this disease of the plate (lamina), which connects the hoof bone to the inner side of the hoof weaken. In this case a foot bone of a horse is separated from the inner wall of the hoof. Consequently, the heel bone can rotate, and sometimes even to put pressure on the hoof. The process when a bone presses on the hoof, and is called “laminitis”.

Ещё раз про ламинит

Photo: Dr. Christoph von Horst

This disease can affect a horse of any age and breed. When laminate the horse can’t easily turn, especially on alfalta. Even if walking across the sand appears normal on a hard surface you’ll notice the deviation. Also, the horse may want all the time to shift weight from one foot to the other.

Classic panicum the appearance of laminate in horses, we have paid the last article. But recently researchers have conducted the search of new causes, which led to interesting results. Here are some of nonagency of the reasons for the laminate of the horse.

  1. Being overweight doubles the probability of a laminate. This is logical: the pressure on the hoof is proportional to the mass of the horse. And if the mass is rising, the pressure on the hoof increased.
  2. Rare (less than once in 8 weeks) ruschitzka hooves. Increases the risk of laminate is almost twice.
  3. Soft tissue injury — tendon, or ligaments — increases the probability of 4 times.
  4. Moving horses to a new place, i.e. a change of stables increases the likelihood of a laminate during the year after approximately.
  5. The use of steroids increases the risk of laminate in 4 times.
  6. The use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs — 3 times.
  7. About the use of anthelmintic drugs, we can say that macrocyclic lactones are safer, but benzimidazole increase the probability of laminate almost 4 times.
  8. If the horse is output popastis only in the mornings (no afternoon and evening grazing), then the risk grows to more than 4 times.
  9. Put on a muzzle only for the duration grazing increases the likelihood of a laminate also 4 times. The comparison here is with those horses who wear a muzzle at all, and those who did not carry.

This is an interesting occasion to reflect filed by British scientists D. Pollard, E. C. Wylie, P. Neve, K. L., J. R. Newton.

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Best horse games on PC – overview and description Part 2

Successful inheritance

Release date: 2006

Genre: Adventure with equestrian simulator elements

Successful legacy – an adventure game with elements of horseback simulator will please even those girls who have not yet been interested in horses. Intriguing plot, a variety of tasks, curious characters and the opportunity to feel like a full-fledged mistress of the old manor. And in addition, a great pleasure to bring up a virtual hoofed friend. A strange aunt, who left the estate as a legacy, put forward a rather strange condition. In order for the estate to become yours, you need to organize and hold an equestrian tournament! And how to do it? After all, around completely unfamiliar people, not always friendly, in your stable only one horse, and to participate in the tournament you need to master the art of horseback riding perfectly …

The best friend and assistant of the novice rider will be a famous Russian actress and athlete Maria Golubkina! Her voice in the game will be spoken by the character accompanying the main character in all her adventures. The player will have to develop his estate, communicate with the residents of the districts, take care of horses in the stables, improve riding skills, master the tracks, perform tasks and solve a variety of mysteries.

Rose Valley. Nicole’s secret or the Rose Valley inheritance

Release date: 2006

Genre: Adventures, action, animal games

Rose Valley. Nicole’s secret is an adventure game that describes the friendship between a girl and a horse. In the Valley of Rose again strange events, mysterious incidents, new secrets, and therefore – new exciting adventures! A girl named Nicole moves to the Rose Valley from the big city and gets a horse named Secret from her father to learn how to take care of her horse, study the basics of dressage and show jumping, train her favorite, provide her with everything she needs, ride and compete with other riders.

Nicole is also at the heart of the mysterious and sinister events of missing horses. As part of the investigation, Nicole will meet the people of the Rose Valley, take part in a local equestrian tournament, make loyal friends and even meet her first love! Choose your clothes and equipment; compete in the Riding Tournament; explore the secrets of the Rose Valley!

Riding Star 3. Show jumping star

Release date: 2007

Genre: Simulator

Riding Star 3. Show jumping star – a game for those who are delighted with long-faced horses and eager to rush over the racetrack under the cheering roar of the stands! The new riding simulator will allow you to stand in line with the best jockeys in the world. You will have to do a thorough dressage of horses, try your hand at horse racing and stunning show jumping. Open the doors to the spectacular sport, which merged the excitement and skill of the rider. And at the same time you can go on horseback riding and slowly enjoy the measured pace of the horse.

To date, the game is the most advanced simulator of equestrian sports. Contains three competition modes – dressage, show jumping and horse racing. The game is recommended by Ludger Berbaum – Olympic champion in show jumping.

My First Pony

Release date: 2007

Genre: arcade, educational game

My First Pony is an arcade with elements of an educational game, which will help you fulfill your dream of becoming the owner of a pony. In the game you’ll learn how to take care of ponies, teach them how to jump over obstacles, and then take part in a horse riding tournament!

There are 8 different ponies in total, 4 levels of difficulty and several types of competitions: show jumping, dressage and cross-country racing. Also, on the disc there is an encyclopedia about horses and equestrian sports and additional mini-games.

Mission Equitation: Up around the world

Release date: 2008

Genre: arcades, simulator

Mission Equitation: Up around the world is a game about traveling around the world. You’ll be playing for a young horsewoman with a talent for understanding horses. You’ll ride with her in five regions of the world, trying to find a mysterious gold horse. Your journey will lie through green plains, endless steppes and rocky wastelands. Tasks and competitions await you – overcome difficulties and discover the mystery of the legendary golden horse!

Full freedom of movement in all directions! 25 horses from all over the world: from American Mustangs to Arab horses. More than 40 tasks: time races, competitions, tricks … Traveling all over the world – from the green European plains to the hot deserts of Egypt.

The horse of my dreams

Release date: 2008

Genre: Simulator

My dream horse is a horse-riding and horse care simulator. A strong, proud, graceful horse is a friend many people dream of. Our young heroine Maria also had such a dream. And it came true! One summer, having arrived at vacation on a farm, the girl has found out that she is waiting for a surprise – her favorite grandmother and grandfather gave her a purebred horse! Now, under the guidance of an experienced jockey, Maria will start to realize her most cherished wish – to get acquainted with an amazing and beautiful animal and will master the subtleties of equestrian sport. Of course, to take part in serious races and competitions in the future!

The girl is waiting for a lot of interesting things to do: she will take care of her favorite, learn how to saddle a horse correctly, master different types of riding, conquer the first barriers … Over time, she will even be entrusted with the education of a small foal! No doubt it will be the happiest vacation of her life. In this game, like Maria, every girl will have a new loyal companion. He needs to be taken care of, fed and cleaned, and of course he can be ridden – faster than the wind, overcoming obstacles!

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Best horse games on PC – overview and description

Horsez. Horse riding school

Release Date: 2003

Genre: Simulator, adventure, for girls

Horsez. Horseback riding school is a realistic 3D simulator and an exciting adventure in one game! If horses have been your cherished dream since childhood, if you are brave, talented and ambitious – you have a unique chance to realize your abilities and fulfill your desires. Come to the elite riding school in Scotland! Get ready – you have to leave your family and friends and start a completely different life. And this is not only a hard workout and competition, but also new acquaintances, insidious intrigues and perhaps a romantic adventure …

The young heroine of our history was faced with surprises on the first day of study: then she had to show courage and resourcefulness, helping out of the misfortune of the horse. For lessons and competitions this incident was almost forgotten, but gradually she began to notice that strange things happen at school … The program is intended for children from 9 to 12 years old.

Horsez. Become a champion (Petz Horse Club)

Release date: 2009

Genre: Simulator, equestrian sports

Horsez. Become a champion – a simulator of equestrian sports. Going to riding school every day, taking care of your favorite horse and then racing towards the wind with it… – yes, it’s great! But that’s how everyone can do it! But to become a champion… To withstand everyday training and help your four-legged friend to cope with all the difficulties, to work for hours on some gaiters and then to clean, feed and comb your partner late, and at the right moment to show everything you two can do!

For brave and stubborn Lily, the main character of the game, it is much more interesting than idle walks. That’s why at the Wild Mountain Ranch she decides to take part in competitions and fight for the prestigious Legends Cup. Show morale and perseverance and win the main prizes with her! In the new issue of the game you will get acquainted with a new breed of horses – magnificent Mustangs from the American prairies, you will choose a horse for yourself, learn how to take care of it, ride on the mountain paths and take part in competitions. Learn how to drive a horse perfectly and climb to the highest step of the pedestal!

Nancy Drew The Secret of Shadow Ranch

Release date: 2004.

Genre: quest, adventure

Nancy Drew The Secret of Shadow Ranch is part of the famous Nancy Drew quest series. Even on vacation Nancy can’t do without mysterious adventures. The ranch, where she was going to rest, is excited by a mystical incident. The ghost of the horse began to appear in the area, provoking misfortune, and the locals began to say that the ghost was taking revenge for the gangster’s master, who had been hanged for his crimes.

In addition, there were rumors that the treasure hidden by a bandit somewhere near the ranch could also be related to the appearance of a ghost. Nancy is taken for an investigation to reveal the secret of the ghost. The player will have to get used to the role of a young detective and understand the mysterious events. Interviewing witnesses and carefully examining the location of the incidents will be key to the investigation, and the mobile phone will be invaluable in finding the necessary information. The game play process will be a joy to the countryside – Nancy will have to feed the animals, work in the vegetable garden and ride.

Pferd & Pony: Mein Pferdehof

Release date: 2005

Genre: For girls, strategy with elements of equestrian simulation

My estate is a computer game that has been added to the category of games for girls in the genre of strategy with elements of equestrian sports simulator. Fans of the Rose Valley Cup and Rose Valley Heritage games, as well as all horse lovers will be able to try their hand at the new game. In the game “My Manor” you will have to take care of horses, take part in equestrian tournaments, as well as think through a strategy for the development of their own country estate.

The game will give you a great opportunity to prove yourself as a manager of a large estate – you can conduct advertising campaigns, hire staff, build a new arena for your pets and a hotel for the guests of the competition. The game promotes the development of positive qualities of the personality of the teenager, instilling love for animals and developing a sense of responsibility for their wards. Romance of rural landscapes and excellent graphics will not leave indifferent players of any age.

The estate. Let’s Ride! Championship Dreams

Release date: 2006

Genre: 3D strategy with elements of equestrian simulation

The estate. Sun Valley – 3D strategy with elements of equestrian sports simulator will be interesting to any user from 8 years old to infinity. In it, the player becomes the owner of his own picturesque estate, which can be expanded, rebuilt and developed to his liking. In addition, depending on personal preferences, he is given the opportunity to engage in breeding thoroughbred horses, teaching dressage or preparing for professional equestrian competitions.

There is a lot of work to be done: you will have to take care of the residents of your stables, monitor their prosperity, equip the area, organize construction and attract visitors to the estate, the number of which will depend on income. And, of course, at any time the owner of all this magnificence will be able to ride one of the horses and ride in the picturesque surroundings.

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The Best Online Horse Games

We have compiled the best online horse games on the PC for girls and boys, children and adults, in general, for everyone who loves these strong and graceful animals.


Star Stable is a cute Adventure with RPG elements and one of the most popular online horse games. And the horses here have all the colors, breeds and sizes. Moreover, you can also pump your favorite cloven-hoofed pet. Also, the game has a huge number of outfits for your character, which are either bought or received as a reward for performing tasks, so that to create a stylish image – no problem.

The main essence of the game is to be together with his horse to look for adventure, make different quests and participate in competitions – from quite ordinary races to intricate tasks that may seem strange to beginners.


This horse farm simulator offers players a real paradise for their four-legged friends. Choose from a variety of locations – you can own a classic American ranch, stables in a beautiful and tranquil corner of France, the picturesque valley of Germany and other countries.

Newly baked horse breeders and their friends will be able to breed the strongest and strongest breeds by crossing horses from each other’s stalls. So bring up future champions, who will take prize places in races and bring you awards. Naturally, horses need to be taken care of, and then they will be grateful and will reach the heights. You can play Horse Haven World Adventures on PC through Blue stacks emulator.


This game is interesting because it makes you feel like a horse. Imagine – in your lush mane plays the wind, hooves knock on the path, and you are rushing through the beautiful and mysterious forest to meet the adventures. It’s from this forest that you’ll start exploring a large, open world inhabited by horses.

Performing quests, you will raise your level, discovering new breeds of animals. Among them there are both real and mythical like unicorns and pegasuses. There are a lot of masks and bows in the game. In addition to quests, you will find races, various mini-games and other entertainment. Download Horse Paradise – My Dream Ranch from Steam.


It may seem that this game doesn’t fit into our TOP because of its genre, but we still decided to include it, because this funny platformed will definitely make you smile. There is no need to care for the horse, train it and look for fashionable clothes. The local horse is more interested in setting traps, running around walls and competing with her animal friends.

Each of the 15 levels can be passed by four people. In addition, you can create your own levels right during the game, experimenting with the environment and different objects. And all this happens under the merry soundtrack on the background of cartoon locations.


Legends of Equestria is not just a game about horses, but about those very novices from the animated series “My little pony”, so his fans should definitely take a look at this bright, cute and fabulously good world. It is populated by familiar races of ponies – earthly, unicorns and Pegasuses, and the game play is based on the performance of quests and studying locations. In the game you can meet key cartoon characters and even perform a couple of tasks for them.

The game is created by fans of the series without the permission of the right holder, but so far in the fairy tale adventure all calmly, and nothing will prevent you from exploring its vast expanses.


Horse Isle is a MMORPG browser about horses with warm lamp 2D-graphics, carefully drawn by hand. It is the simplicity of design and gameplay that makes this game extremely addictive.

In Horse Isle the player can find and tame a wild horse (some of them are unique) and explore the world with it, finding various items that can be used or sold in stores. You can earn a living for yourself and your horses by doing all sorts of quests that are generously scattered around the NPC gaming world.

Depending on the selected server for the game horse will either grow and die over time, or will be eternal. Like most browsers, you can play Horse Isle for free, and there is also a premium subscription, which opens up new opportunities, including the possibility to get a cozy house for yourself and a warm stall for your horse. The Russian version of the game does not exist yet.


Unlike most of our top games, which are far from realism, Riding Club Championships is a serious horse breeder’s simulator. The game has real equestrian disciplines and several competitive modes – you can compete with friends, random rivals or participate in the weekly championship.

The choice of horses, equipment and rider is quite wide, so the appearance of the men tees depends only on your taste. Of course, a horse will not be able to show good results if it is not properly cared for and given sufficient time for training.

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Best horse games on the PC Part 2


Ostwind/Windstorm is based on the famous movie “Eastern Wind” and includes not only the original characters of the movie, but also its charming soundtrack, which benefits the atmosphere. Playing for Mika, a 14-year-old troubled girl who has been able to tame a wild stallion and become a true friend to him.

In order to achieve friendship and location of the East-Wind, the player will have to make a lot of effort, regularly take care of him, develop his skills and explore with him the open world of the game, while moving forward on a detailed plot. Graphics is very good, and the landscapes are colorful and diverse. All this makes Ostwind/Windstorm an ideal game for girls who love horses. The only drawbacks of the project are not always successful animation of the horse’s movements and the absence of the Russian-language version.


Wildlife Park 2 – Horses is an add-on to the simulator of Wildlife Park 2, which, as it is easy to guess, is focused on horses and everything related to them.

Although the main theme of the game are still all sorts of races and other competitions between pets, but the “zoo” roots of the game constantly make themselves felt – the care, maintenance and education of horses here are implemented as realistically as possible (up to the reproduction of horses, so probably should not buy this game favorite niece, the first-grader).

In general, this game is more about the harsh fly-legged heavy trucks than about the magical unicorns. True, unrealistic kind of horses in the game is still present, but it’s extinct Giracotery. So, if you want to be in the skin of a professional horse-breeder and not to dig through the manure – Wildlife Park 2 – Horses exactly for you. A fully Russified version of the game is available.


Riding Star – Horse Championship! – A detailed and realistic equestrian simulator, the feature of which is to recreate the most important equestrian stadiums of the world, for example, the Aachen stadium. There are competition, dressage and cross-country racing modes available. The famous four-time Olympic show jumping champion Ludger Berbawm works as the “voice” of the game.

And although the possibilities of customization here are not as great as in other games about horses (you can customize the color of wool and mane of the horse, choose for him a harness and rider costume), but the graphics is very juicy as for the game with funny system requirements, and the movements of the horse are anatomically correct. The main problem of the game can be called quite a complex animal control system, especially in the training mode. The game is available in several languages.


Star Stable Online – colorful and bright game about horses for girls. Players will be able to raise and educate the horse and participate with it in races, tasks and adventures. All this will help you to gain the necessary experience for the development of the horse and earn the money needed to buy clothes for the game avatar, harness and new horses.

Every horse you buy has to be taken care of at least once a day, otherwise it will be saddened and its characteristics will decrease. In total, the game has about 80 breeds of horses – from miniature ponies to powerful Mustangs, and new updates to the game regularly bring it new breeds. Despite the cute cartoon design, there is a serious storyline to save the island of Jurvik from the ancient dormant at the bottom of the Evil Sea, known as Garnock.

Up to level 5 can be played for free, then you will need to buy a paid subscription.


Horse Paradise – My Dream Ranch is a simple and cute little casual about horses with cartoon graphics, which doesn’t pretend to be a real sports simulator’s laurels, but there are unicorns here, riding through the magic forest – and that’s all it says. Along with fantasy breeds of horses in the game are presented and quite real, for example, a Frisian horse or a Mustang.

You can compete against both bots and real players. In all competitions horses participate themselves, without riders. In addition to races, here you can feed your horse, care for it, decorate it, explore new territories, perform various tasks and play in the built-in mini-games. Unfortunately, Russian language support has not been added to the game yet.


Riding Club Championships isn’t just a game about horses, it’s a real equestrian simulator. After all, all the main equestrian disciplines are available here – horse racing, barrel racing, racing between racks, agility (with or without jumps) and show jumping. In this case, you can compete with bots (in single-player mode), and with friends, and with random players from around the world.

In between competitions, the horse needs to be cared for, trained and equipped. In addition to the many routes available in the game, the player can create his own in the editor and share it with others. And even though the graphics on the Unity engine is a little outdated by modern standards, but you can play in Riding Club Championships even on very weak companies, the game is enough just 1 GB of RAM.


Riding Out – developed since 2015 and now available online game about horses on the PC.

In addition to the actual breeding and training of horses, players can build stables and other facilities and explore the huge open world on horseback. Kraft system in Riding Out is quite detailed – so, before building a building, you need to get for it wood and other resources, and to maintain the health of horses will have to grow and collect special plants, and then add them to the feed.

The trepidated horse can be shown to friends and competed with in classic races, dressage and even show jumping. Despite the beautiful and realistic graphics, Riding Out doesn’t have any fantastic requirements to the computer – the game will be enough from 4 gigs of the operative and DirectX11-compatible vidyuhi. The main drawback of the game is that there is no Russian version yet, but it will be added after the release.

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Best horse games on the PC

In this collection we have collected the best horse games on the PC for fans of equestrian sports and just those who admire these strong and graceful animals. For convenience, we have divided the collection into two parts – single and online projects.

Surely everyone who at least once in his life had a chance to ride a horse, I wanted to repeat it again, or even do horseback riding or breeding horses. Unfortunately, the reality is harsh, not everyone can become what they dreamed of. And here come to the aid of games in which you can be whoever you want – a skillful jockey, the owner of stalls with pedigree horses, winning all the races, or just a caring owner of the horse.


Even those who have never been interested in simulators at all have heard of The Sims. Electronic Arts remained true to tradition and in 2011 released the supplement “Pets” for the third part as well. Since then, Sims can become caring owners of cats, dogs and horses. You can even build your own ranch and have up to seven horses.

Like human characters, animals have their own character traits that you can ask for yourself. Horses can be fully managed, just like humans. The main thing is not to forget to satisfy their needs in time and to maintain a good mood. By the way, each type of pet has its own special need. If cats need to sharpen their claws all the time and dogs can’t help chewing, which often leads to destruction in the house, then horses need quite harmless exercise. Indeed, what is the point of getting a horse if you don’t ride it?

The Sims 3 Pets is not a simulator of equestrian sport, but it is also possible to take part in races. The game gives the huge possibilities of social interactions between people and animals, here you can pamper and cherish the horses, and they in return become your true friends.

The fourth part of The Sims also has an addition with pets, but the developers decided not to add horses there. But in the editor of breeds of dogs it is possible to find the real changeable, and among cats to find a raccoon.


At the Secret of the Magic Crystals you will be able to fully satisfy your need to take care of our smaller brothers. Horses here require constant care, activity and rest, they can become ill and you will have to make every effort to cure the animal. In addition, you need to develop the buildings on the horse farm.

But the Secret of the Magic Crystals chip is not even in this. Yes, as in most of these games, animals will have to train and participate in races. But the horses here are unusual. They came from the fantasy world to please the eye with their unearthly beauty, to surprise the speed and grace. So, you can become the owner of the winged pegasus, fairytale unicorn, icy, flaming horse and even a demonic horse.

The game will not require any special power from your computer, you can download it from Steam.


Starters Orders 6 is the last part of a series of equestrian simulators that has become a favourite with fans of the genre.

If you’ve always dreamed of making the racetrack your second home, that dream could come true, albeit in virtual reality. Here you will have your own stables, and if you try, the best purebred thoroughbred horses that will win in the steepest races.

You will have to delve into all the subtleties of equestrian sport. Having understood the system of bets, you can win a lot of money, which will be spent on the development of stables, the purchase of new horses, training and care for them. If you are still a beginner in this business, then the tooltips will help not to get confused.


Here, the player will not only take care of the horses and participate in the races, but also raise from the ruins of an entire horse farm. To do this, you will have to look for buyers for their carefully raised pets, regularly feed and clean the horses (and even give them a massage) and breed new breeds by crossing the available ones.

All aspects of horse maintenance are worked out in detail and very realistic (without proper care horses are sick, and galloping is impossible, because the animals are tired), so that this game is not only entertaining, but also gives new knowledge. Graphics here is decent enough for the game, which is enough for one gig operatives, and the management is relatively simple as for such a detailed game. Unfortunately, the Russian version is not yet available.

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Zelda: Breath of the Wild: Eiji Aonuma gives the keys to why it will be a turning point in the saga

Beyond becoming the greatest ambassador of the system that will define Nintendo’s future or the game that will provide the generational relay between its desktop games, ‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ has the handicap of aiming to be the best game of the current generation. An extremely ambitious goal that will force him to surpass ‘Ocarina of Time’ itself, although the producer of the series Eiji Aonuma has a clear idea of how to achieve it.

Through an interview with Gaulish medium Le Monde, Aonuma delves into the production of the game, compares his proposal with other current games, which makes this issue unique with respect to what was seen in previous ‘Zeldas’ and even warns us that we will have a good ration of sanctuaries ahead.

To begin with, it is confirmed that ‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ began to develop four years ago, which places its production approximately half a year after Wii U was commercially released. Aonuma didn’t want to offer budgets, but did indicate that 300 people were involved.

In this game, however, we’ll approach the kingdom of Hyrule in a much more open way. Previously, the game system offered us the possibility of advancing the plot and improving the skills of Link, the protagonist of the adventure, through the dungeons – it being common that at the end of the dungeons we would be rewarded with a new item or weapon that would expand the possibilities of the world around us.

In ‘Breath of the Wild’ the dungeons will give way to the Sanctuaries, and Aonuma warns that there will be more than a hundred spread across the game map. However, some of them will be very well hidden and that will be part of the challenges that the game will offer.

In fact, some of them will not be as long as those seen so far, as the intention is that the player experiments with the physics and weapons that will offer this adventure to solve the puzzles rewarding with interesting equipment to the smartest players, but there will also be others of great dimensions and with a huge Final Chief waiting for us after overcoming the challenges.

One of the keys to getting the exploration and search for sanctuaries to mark a before and after in the series is the open world system that will adopt this new delivery. We will be able to go through the enormous mapped freely without having that linear structure seen in the previous deliveries.

In the past, when designing games we had to have areas connected by small paths that we had to go through. The truth is that we took seriously the criticisms that lacked greater freedom. Even in this case, many designers felt that part of the fun was the fact that continuing a path already laid out.

Now, the player is in the world of ‘Breath of the Wild’ and it’s about going in any direction and whenever you want. A bit like the first Zelda. I think Breath of the Wild will be a key moment in the history of the saga.

As we saw in VidaExtra, we will find familiar places scattered around the map like the Temple of Time. For many this may be an interesting opportunity to try to figure out where ‘Breath of The Wild’ fits into Zelda’s chronology, although Aonuma responds to the presence of these emblematic buildings and places within the series. What role will they play in this new installment?

It is a consequence rather than a goal. When we decide to make a game set in the world of Hyrule, it seems normal to take what already exists, so it seems coherent. Even this timeline, the world is huge, but there is also an attempt to recover a bit of the Hyrule world that all players of the previous tutulos already know.

Throughout the interview have been compared with ‘Breath of The Wild’ several of the current games that already offer an open world as ‘Far Cry’, ‘Assassin’s Creed’, ‘Final fantasy XV’ or ‘The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim’ itself, indicating that the new adventure will have a more relaxed pace than the first two.

I hope it doesn’t refer to the fluidity of the animations! [Laughter]. Link’s rhythm is adapted to the rhythm of the game. There are a lot of things that are hidden in the world, of course it can work [a more intense rhythm], but you’d miss everything we’ve hidden there.

What I like most about ‘Skyrim’ is when you walk and discover a new city, there’s a real impact. “Ah, there’s a city here! And, oh, it’s so different from the others! “This is the first time I felt like I wanted to recreate in Zelda what I saw in another video game, albeit in a slightly different way.

This is why you can climb everywhere, and once on top, we can say ‘hey, there might be something there … And if I better go by the river?’ . So you jump [by parachute], and you’re going to explore the world after you’ve studied it. I wanted to transfer from ‘Skyrim’ the pleasure of discovering, and that I had never felt in another game.

Finally Aonuma was asked if we would see any message for his son in ‘Breath of The Wild’ as we saw in ‘The Wind Waker’, a game in which he participated by developing the dialogues.

No, it’s over! My son told me he didn’t like it. However, I did write the dialogues of the old man Link will meet at the beginning of the adventure, because that’s the first person to receive him in the game, and I wanted to be the first to dedicate a few words to the player. But this time it won’t be about my son at all.

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild’ will be available on Wii U and Nintendo Switch from 3 March onwards, putting us once again in the shoes of Hyrule’s hero, and until then we can delve deeper into the series with a selection of discounted ‘Zelda’ games available this week.

Being the turning point in one of the series that defined video game culture is a huge challenge, but the talent of Miyamoto-san and Aonuma-san are the best guarantees any game can have.

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will have a season pass and this is what includes

For the first time in the main Zelda series, Nintendo will offer a season pass with exclusive and post-launch content for ‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’, something that will expand our adventure in the new Kingdom of Hyrule, although we weren’t really expecting to see it two weeks before its release.

Announced by Eiji Aonuma himself, the so-called ‘Expansion Pass Bonus’ will be available from launch day on both Switch and Wii U and will award two packs that will arrive in summer and winter this year, as well as three boxes of exclusive content that we will find in the plateau at the dawn of the game.

The price of this Expansion Pack is 19.99 euros and beyond expanding the playable experience will offer a new level of difficulty, expand the story and add new challenges. However, Nintendo has not indicated the price of the two separate summer and winter content packs for the time being.

We’ve already seen cases of DLCs and packs in Nintendo games such as ‘Mario Kart 8’, ‘Fire Emblem Fates’ and even Zelda’s spin-off ‘Hyrule Warriors’.

Now, on the one hand, these additional contents are an interesting addition at a reasonable price if we compare it with the price of the rest of the season passes, and that will guarantee our return to Hyrule once the adventure is complete, although we have to admit that its announcement has turned out to be quite… unexpected.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild: Hyrule residents give more clues to the game’s timeline

For years there was a theory that connected all the ‘Zelda’ deliveries in the same universe, and time proved that the fans were not wrong. On the occasion of the launch of ‘The Legend of Zelda:Skyward Sword’ and the 25th anniversary of the Nintendo series, a volume called ‘Hyrule History’ was released, revealing the timeline that linked each release to date. So where exactly is ‘Breath of the Wild’?

Curiously enough, the key piece of this puzzle has been given by a little bird… or rather a Rite. In the last scans of the Japanese publication Famitsu more details have been given about the secondary ones that appeared in the last trailer of ‘Breath of the Wild’, confirming that the character of Reebal belongs to this race, which belongs to the temporal line of ‘The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker’ and until now had not appeared in other deliveries beyond the direct continuations of the same one.

During the trailer some of the familiar elements of the saga like the Zoras or the Gorons have been seen, but both the appearance of the Rites and that of the Koroks suggest that they continue the timeline in which after the events of ‘Ocarina of Time’ the Hyrule hero is victorious and is located in the universe created by the adult version of Link.

Of course, beyond this interesting fact Nintendo has taken the opportunity to present three of the characters that will help us in our adventure: a Goron, a Zora and a Rite.

Mifa is a young Zora who lives in Hyrule and who has a unique power in her species, although that has made her a rather introverted and reserved person.

Darkel is a Goron warrior who lives in harmony in the Hyrule Mountains. He usually has a tempered character, although the heat of battle brings out his true personality.

Reebal is a member of the Rite tribe, who live in the skies of Hyrule and who, like Mifa and Darkel wears a mysterious scarf.

As for the plot, Famitsu confirms that Hyrule was destroyed 100 years ago by a Cataclysm caused by an entity known as Ganon (as indicated in the trailer) and that Princess Zelda ventured to investigate the various ruins and sanctuaries of what was his family’s kingdom.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ will be available from 3 March on Switch and Wii U and will be the most anticipated game of the year, as well as being the best possible ambassador for the upcoming Nintendo console and the crowning glory of Wii U. We don’t know if Reebal has any relationship with Falco from ‘Star Fox’, but in a month’s time we’ll see if Link’s return will quench our thirst for adventure.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will have an alternative ending

The open world of ‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ will be one of the biggest in the entire saga. It’s hard to know for sure how many secrets he’ll be hiding or how many activities players will be able to perform. What we do know thanks to its producer, Eiji Aonuma, is that one of its greatest mysteries will be related to its end.

The reason is that Aonuma has stated in an interview with the IGN portal in Portugal that ‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ will have an alternative ending. However, perhaps it will not be easy to find out, as he has also stated that it will only be accessed if a series of requirements are met beforehand.

If we base it precisely on the fact that the game will be an open world, there is a possibility that it will be a way of rewarding the players for the effort of fulfilling those specific objectives, which will remain to be seen if they are all those of the adventure, only some in particular and above all the difficulty that will have to unblock all this.

In addition, Aonuma wanted to point out that Epona, Link’s faithful mare who has appeared on more than one occasion since ‘The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time’, will also be present in ‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’, although she has not indicated how we will find her. There are not a few questions that the long-awaited title of Wii U and Nintendo Switch is generating for us, but there is less left for March 3rd to arrive and find out all the answers.

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