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Practical tips for putting blankets on your horse

Practical tips for putting blankets on your horse

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The blanket and her dressing — not the most difficult thing is to care for the horse. However, there are some nuances.

The blanket — to protect your horse

Putting on the blanket first, make sure that it is the right size for your horse. The clothes horse in the blanket of small size will lead to the shackling of movements. A larger blanket will hang back or hang on the belly.

How to determine what the blanket is suitable? Indeed, it should be quite Kulbokas to securely cover the belly, and the hock and elbow joints of the animal. The blanket also needs to be long enough to close repica of the tail and buttocks of your horse. The perfect blanket sits comfortably on the shoulders, withers and ribs of the horse, well adhering to them.

Also note how the blanket is adjacent to the neck of the horse. Do not loose or not too tight? Loose the blanket at the neck may slip back and RUB the withers of the horse. Hanging out blankets there is a chance of hitting the horse’s legs in the opening for the neck (this is possible when the animal from the supine position moves to the worthwhile — it puts your foot very close under him, easily hooking the dangling blanket) that can bring to the fabric of the blanket, or injury to the horse.

On the contrary, too close popna compresses the trachea of the horse, which causes breathing problems. This is especially dangerous when reinforced by physical exertion in a harness or while running. Therefore, under the blanket sometimes enclose a special wool lining. Sometimes even the blanket is sewn lambskin lining at the neck of the horse.

Care blanket

Since the blanket is regularly in contact with the hair of the horse and absorbs secreted by the skin sweat, therefore prepare to that the extent of contamination, the blanket will be cleaned. Otherwise, she will become a source of oprelostej and rubs on the skin of your horse.

The technique of dressing blankets

  • Before putting blankets on your horse, fold the blanket in half so that the wrong part of the blanket looked out.
  • Let the horse trusts you. Gently talking to the horse, approach it with your left hand and carefully put a prior folded the blanket on the horse’s back. The front edge of the blanket should be at the withers of the animal.
  • Now you can spread out a blanket full-length on the horse’s back. After that, pull a bit of cloth blankets back. Buckle the straps blankets under the belly of the horse. Remember that the compulsion blankets horses ahead is fraught, because it should be avoided.
  • Very carefully going back to horses (she was not afraid and not passed back legs or run away from you), back straps fasten horse blankets.


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