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Pregnancy in horses

Pregnancy in horses

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This material will be useful to owners of pregnant mares is considered.

Mare with foal. Photo from argorus.ru

The tips outlined below will be guided by the principle that pregnancy and birth of a healthy horse foals.

After a positive determination of pregnancy of a Mare, it is recommended to take a sample of blood for analysis of microelement composition. Based on the results of the analysis support the Mare missing her in this period of vitamins and trace elements. Remember that geriba the Mare should not experience shortages in the stern, and the food itself must be of high enough quality. This depends on the condition of the offspring of your horse.

Go for a walk?

Jeremie mares can be used in the works, but it is worth remembering that the work should not be difficult, exhausting. Let it be something light and casual responsibilities. And the closer to birth, the less should be of such duties and more just walking. Oddly enough, Jeremie mares love to walk in the pasture or in the paddock. Indeed, walking in good weather it is natural and good effect on physical and emotional health of the horse. However, walking is recommended not in isolation and not among stallions. For pregnant mares is considered best to choose as companions… such as pregnant mares is considered. Horses can feel more comfortable if the pregnancy will be the same period. If you have a small herd and pregnant mares is considered not, can come the old womb. Let the experience of bearing offspring is passed on from one generation to the next. If not in the group and the old uterus, it makes sense to release for walks horse under the supervision of the old gelding (necessarily extinguished sexual characteristics).

Well, upon returning from walking Jeremie mares are usually very happy in the stable presence of a salt (lick) and transparent, fresh and clean drinking water.

The diet of pregnant mares is considered

In order to birth the horse was going easily, some veterinarians suggest two months before the child is expected to enter into the diet of the horse nettle. Especially for this late spring personnel the stables harvested nettle brooms. Give nettle brooms better at night, mixing them with hay. If the menu horses were concentrates, then the same two months before zherebky better to reduce their consumption.

There are also some contraindications for pregnant mares is considered.

Processing stall before birth

Two weeks before the anticipated birth of the foal thoroughly clean the stall mothers. The horses especially like it. Completely change the litter. If possible, make the disinfection of stables and stables in General. For disinfection typically use a five percent solution of chlorine. And if you have to whitewash the walls of the stall of the expectant mothers — is just wonderful!

The first purchase for the baby

Pre-take care of the necessities for the future of the foal. Of course, they may not be necessary, however, if the demand for them is still there, it will be hasty and looking for them in stores can be cruel to the baby.

So, pick the foal a small bottle with a nipple, a few small waffle towels (waffle fragments of tissue), soft, rubber enema, the wool and the brilliant green (or hydrogen peroxide) to disinfect the navel. Everything on this list except the towels, sold in regular pharmacies, and waffle cloth can be found in shops with fabrics, either in garden and DIY stores.

How to know that very soon your horse will give you a foal? Read our next article.

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