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preparing for the birth and foaling

Preparing for the birth and foaling

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In order to obtain a healthy, strong foal, it is best to prepare for the procedure vizerunki.

How to determine the approaching birth a horse

Mare with foal. Photo from argorus.ru

The duration of the period of pregnancy in mares depends on several factors: time of year, nutrition, sex of the foal, breed and is usually 11-12 months (in exceptional cases — from 310 to 412 days). Throughout this period it is advisable to be quite sensitive to the condition of the horse. And in the last month, the owner need to be especially careful when handling their Jeribai Mare. Please note the contraindications for pregnant mares is considered.

So, how to determine when direct delivery of the horse?

With the approach of the fetus swells the udder and from the nipple starts to separate colostrum. The horse begins to show some anxiety, refuses the offer of food, often looks back on his swollen belly, lies down and gets up again, starts sweating profusely (perhaps only sometimes) and push. This is the signs of approaching childbirth. At this point need to prepare the room: clean it and lay fresh bedding.

Riders experience shows that the delivery of the horses come mostly at night. Just most of the horses it is much easier to relax and give birth in the dark than in the light. Directly child last 20-40 minutes and usually disappear on their own, without complications. But if you care, you can insure, inviting veterinary specialist, who due to incorrect position of the fetus will be able to provide timely quality health care.

Immediately after birth the newborn foal with a cloth or small waffle towels clear the Airways of mucus. This is required in order for the baby to breathe. Usually a foal is born white in the fetal membranes in which lived the whole period of gestation, from the moment of conception. The baby was not breathing, a shell should be carefully broken right hands. If the fetal umbilical cord, which is associated with the foal and his mother, is still intact or broken at a distance of more than 10 cm from the abdominal wall of the foal, then her tie a durable string at a distance of 2-3 cm from the stomach of a newborn, and the rest is neatly cut processed in alcohol or prokipyachennymi scissors or a knife.

After the cut the umbilical cord of a newborn, first wipe with a towel, napkin or anything like that if not at hand, a straw plait. Typically, mothers have their own desire to lick the baby. Not worth it for her to interfere, after all it is instinct that is hard to fight.

Foals, unlike cats, are born with sight. Despite the thinness of the limbs, within hours, the foal is trying to stand up and get to the maternal udder. You should help him for the first time to find the nipple. Colostrum for a newborn is a true balm of life, so it is very important that the foal has its first portion in a timely manner.

About the first feeding of the foal, read our next article.

Photos of the stages of vizerunki (birth), the horse

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