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Selection of saddle blanket

The choice of saddle blanket

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The choice of saddle blanket is not less important, the choice of a suitable saddle. The main function of the saddle cloth is to protect. The saddle blanket reduces pressure on the horse’s back created by the rider and absorbs secreted by the horse sweat. The saddle cloth keeps clean the inner surface of the saddle. The saddle blanket is a bit hedged against incorrect choice of the saddle, providing extra protection to the horse’s back. In the case when in the winter the horse for some reason shorn completely, including the back, use a good saddle blanket is necessary.

Выбор вальтрапа

In pictures: two-color saddle blanket universal anatomical shape; lined in black soft fleece; smooth, easily cleanable surface provides easy care; breathable, soft lining guarantees excellent sweat absorption; soft layer of padding; the saddle blanket is decorated with a velvet insert.

Modern industry produces a huge number of different models of saddlecloths. Material and color is for all tastes.

The saddlecloths are made from a durable fabric, therefore able to last long enough. Saddlecloths are available in different sizes, so it is important to know which size fits your horse. If the saddle blanket is small, it will RUB the horse’s withers. It is worth remembering that with proper adjustment of the product between the saddle blanket and withers should enter the hand, put on an edge. If the saddle blanket is great, it will stay under the saddle, forming a threat by rubbing the folds.

Now let’s talk about overheating. The more a horse works, the more she sweats and the more sensitive the skin becomes. Saddlecloths-a”medovushka” can soak up so much then that fur in them, just glued on the dirt! The skin under the dirty fur irritated. In contrast to the natural, saddlecloths faux fur does not stick together and therefore do not irritate the skin. In defense of natural saddlecloths you can mention the content of the lanolin contained in this sheep’s clothing. The presence of lanolin is very suitable for horses prone to skin damage, e.g. in the area of the saddle.

It turns out that the main concern of the owner of the saddle cloth — keeping it clean. Yes, it involves periodic cleaning, washing products. When washing you need to use biologically inactive washing powders. Some horses are very sensitive to the quality of washing and the residual content of detergent in the product. When allergic reactions in horses in the washing powder is recommended to replace it with shampoo. Saddlecloths lambskin do not wash too often, as with each wash from the product removes the lanolin. And Yes, of course, after washing is also extremely important to dry the product.

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. And saddlecloths from use and cleansing lose density. And if, when tightening the saddle blanket between two fingers until you feel the layer of inner filler significantly decreased, it means that it is time to find a new one.

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