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Shaving horse

Shaving horses

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In natural conditions the horse is able to take control of your woolen cover. In the autumn, with the onset of cold weather, the horse adds a long coat, which has a beneficial effect on the conservation of heat. With the advent of spring, horses are beginning to shed, facilitating heat dissipation and additionally cleaned from accumulated in the deep layers of wool dirt.

But the life of the animal next to the man, working under his guidance, brings about changes in processes of dissipation of the horse.

In some cases, a person makes a decision to reduce the height of the coat of the horse. When this is necessary and what gives?

Be shave horse:

  1. Horses, bearing frequent exercise, for example, used in the sport horse. These horses shave often, but little by little, in accordance with the growth of their wool. Uncut horses in moments of active loads are subject to heavy sweating, which affects the heart. As you know, with then the horse loses vital salts.
  2. Horses standing in warm stables or working in indoor arenas. Under such conditions, a warm winter coat in horses no needs.
  3. Sick horses are sometimes also not able to change your hair from winter to summer. They can also help forced stigma wool.

When stirke can be creatively approach this issue. Enthusiasts stirek know how on the animal’s body to keep a unique eye-catching design, making your horse the star of any show.

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